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Turkey Street Flyover

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Turkey Street Flyover
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Turkey Street Flyover was a planned bridge associated with dualling the A10 in the early 1960s. The intention was to make the A10 flow as efficiently as possible by building an unbroken central reservation that avoids interruption to through traffic caused by right turns. At Turkey Street the bridge would have provided an opportunity to make right turns but Enfield Council and local interests were heavily opposed to the structure on the grounds of visual amenity and the extra traffic that would use Turkey Street. Draft Orders were made but in 1964 the Ministry announced the decision to scrap plans for the flyover owing to the strong opposition. The A10 was subsequently dualled and the unbroken central reservation means traffic is unable to travel the entire length of Turkey Street at once.

Plan of the junction showing the unbuilt bridge


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Hertford, Cheshunt


Central London
Forty Hill
Turkey Street Station

Turkey Street Flyover
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