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Two Headed Man

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Two Headed Man
Location Map ( geo)
A39 approaching Two Headed Man junction - Geograph - 4119881.jpg
Advance Direction Sign on A39 for the Two Headed Man
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Highway Authority
Bath and North East Somerset
Junction Type
Signalised Junction
Roads Joined
A39, B3116
Junctions related to the B3116

This is the first junction with a classified road on the A39 after it leaves Bath behind, and provides a key commuter link into Keynsham and so East Bristol for the residents of Northern Somerset. Technically, the junction is a crossroads, but with the A39 flowing through the east and south arms, the unclassified western arm which leads to Compton Dando always used to give way onto the northern arm, the B3116 to Keynsham. It is unclear where the junction got its name from (the pub along the road was the King's Arms), but the toll house now occupied by Corston Cars seems to have had the name when built.

This junction was for many years a very busy uncontrolled give way from the B3116, often causing long queues coming out of Keynsham at peak commuter times. Traffic Lights were installed in c2006 and have greatly improved the flow out of the B3116, but at the same time introduced new delays to the A39! At the same time, Crosspot Lane became a one way road, away from the junction.


Route To Notes


Wells, Marksbury, Weston-s-Mare(A368)


Bath, Lorry Route - Keynsham (A4)


Keynsham, Burnett No HGV's
Compton Dando

Two Headed Man
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A39 approaching Two Headed Man junction - Geograph - 4119881.jpg
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