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Here are some roads photos I have taken

Hello there,

My name is John / Johnny / Saviour and I like transport. I like places, I like looking at the infrastructure that gets us between them, and I like the non-destinations which have cropped up as we move from one place to the other. There's a lot I don't like, too.

I take requests

It would be a pleasure to check the large-scale British map archive and get the history of a particular junction or crossing, as I have done for, say, Vauxhall Cross.

There are loads of pages on SABRE which could benefit from this treatment and I can't do them all today, but if you know a couple of pages which you would would especially benefit from this information, let me know.

I also steal ideas

I'm pretty blatant about it

I did consider sharing my progress for the F99, but I figured almost every single one would be orange. So you can have the F9 instead.

Northern Irish roads don't have numbers so much, it's more just stickers that get applied randomly across the country. But if there was any sort of system, my progress would be like this. I've added one more road to fill the gap.

I mean at least try to hide it

N-roads here include their appropriate motorway section, otherwise it would be very easy.

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