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About Me

Currently living in Mansfield, working as a Land Surveyor, and consequently do a lot of travelling, both locally and regionally. Have an interest in the local history, especially the industial side of things and the old road network (obviously!).

Roads Driven

Work In progress...

"Everyone else is doing it, so why can't we?" - as the Cranberries once said!

A Class Roads

Green ones I've completed, Orange ones I've travelled at least 10% of, and pink I've never travelled on:

Mainland GB Motorways

Current Wiki Projects

A38 Portal Project

This will be a biggish project that may require some help! I'm currently looking at updating the A38 pages into a comprehensive portal for the road. It will include pages for each section of the route, histories for each section, and pages for other significant things. It's not far off as it stands, but needs a refresh and some missing features adding, along with a comprehensive route guide...

It'll be quite similar to Haydn's A1 page, once I've worked out how it will all fit together. If anyone's got something to add to the pages, or want to get stuck into the project, let me know!

**Update - Currently on hold, but if anyone wants to get things going again, just shout...**

B Roads

I'm trying to add some route histories/descriptions to as many B roads as I can, and the odd 4 digit A road that crosses my path. I've pretty much completed central and northern Nottinghamshire, with a little bit of ajoining Derbyshire routes, and I'm setting my sights wider, and picking up on any I've travelled on.

Currently working on the B roads in the Peak District.

Hill Passes

Working on the Hill Passes category, something which could be a biggish undertaking!

Currently working on pages for Pennine, Scottish, Welsh, and Cumbrian Hill Passes. Still a bit of work to do, plus an additional page for significant hill climbs (like Blue Bank, Rosedale Chimney and the like).

Any photos, facts or new passes welcome of course!

Future Wiki Projects

Hopefully helping out with the "big" roads - adding my knowledge to the major roads in my area as and where possible.

--Ravenbluemoon 15:15, 6 June 2009 (UTC)