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Calvine Junction

Nice work on the junction page. I've made a small amendment - I changed navbox|cat=A9 to navbox|cat=A9 Junctions - this brings the junctions list up, which is what we want on a junctions page. If there were multiple major roads you would add |cat2=A9004 Junctions etc.

These lists only exist for major roads - for minor routes or those with fewer junctions, then use soemthing like rel1=B1003 (incrementing the number, e.g. rel2 where appropriate)

The junction then needs adding to the list; the list is presented in order of junctions along the route. You do this by editing Template:A9 Junctions to add {{-}}[[Calvine Junction]] between Pitlochery North Junction and Wade Bridge Junction - don't worry if this last step is too much for now; someone will usually come and correct it if you've not got that far!

Finally, if you haven't got any pictures yourself, you can always find pictures using the geograph browser and upload them directly using the link on the left.!/loc=SO42380803/dist=300/display=map_dots/pagesize=100

Happy editing C2r (talk) 08:44, 15 October 2016 (BST)

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