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Warning Sign/Risk of Grounding

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Risk of grounding at a railway or tramway level crossing or hump backed bridge ahead
TSRGD 782.jpg
A modern Warning Sign.
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TSRGD ref : 782
To : Present
Common Plates : 1. A distance with or without an arrow pointing to the left or to the right; or 2. An arrow pointing to the left or to the right

The Risk of Grounding sign informs drivers they are approaching a level crossing or hump backed bridge where there may be a risk of grounding.



In the 1981 TSGRD, Risk of Grounding was a supplementary plate showing an HGV travelling over two bumps (556.3) for use with 556 "at or near a railway crossing" or 528 at a humpack bridge.

Later (when?) this was altered to have a sepcific warning sign with an HGV directly inside the triangle driving over a single hump.

Republic of Ireland

An equivalent sign (W.123) exists in Ireland, consisting of a similar picture in a yellow diamond.

Warning Sign/Risk of Grounding
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