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Warning Sign/Two Way Traffic

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Two Way Traffic sign
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A sign to denote two-way traffic certainly existed after 1957, but it is not known if one existed prior to then. [1]


With many half finished dualling and bypass schemes in the UK, this sign is unfortunately common where a dual carriageway comes abruptly to an end. Normally advance warning is given with the Dual Carriageway Ends sign, with this sign being used at the point where the two carriageways converge. The design is a standard red warning triangle with two black arrows inside, one pointing up and one down.

Two Way Traffic Sign - Coppermine - 13127.JPG

The sign is also seen with the two arrows pointing left and right to indicate either that a dual carriageway is being crossed by or ending on a single-carriageway road, or more commonly that a one-way street is being crossed by, or crossing a two-way street.



The corresponding, and symbolically identical, Irish warning signs are W 080 Two-Way Traffic and W 081 Two-Way Traffic Crossing, as prescribed in the Traffic Signs Manual 2010. Apart from the standard difference for Irish warning signs of figuring on a yellow diamond background, a subtle variation is that the heads of the arrows depicted are US-style barbs rather than UK-style chevrons.

Earlier versions featured the worded legend "TWO-WAY TRAFFIC" below the arrows.

Warning Sign/Two Way Traffic
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