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Westborough Interchange

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Westborough Interchange
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Junction Type
Roundabout interchange

Westborough Interchange was a planned junction on the unbuilt Western Relief Road in Maidstone. The design went through two revisions between the early 1960s and 1970s.

The initial layout in 1962 was for the road to start on the A20 and then curve sharply around the south of the town centre. The junction would have been at Terrace Road and consisted of a simple flyover with slip roads at each end.

Late 60s scheme

By the late 1960s an alternative line for the relief road was adopted which would run to the A229 at each end. The junction is in the same location as the previous proposal but was dramatically increased in complexity.

1970 scheme

The location of the junction required demolition of a great deal of property so in 1970 a new line for relief road adjacent to the railway was agreed on. This reduced community severance as the railway already forms a natural boundary. The junction was simplified to a roundabout interchange which serves just the A26. An additional junction would be provided just the north to serve the A20 with an extra lane in between to handle the additional traffic.

Proposals for the road latest through the early 1970s but seems to have been abandoned around 1974 when similar schemes up and down the country were similarly dropped.


Route To Notes


(M20), Chatham


Hastings, Tenterden (A274)


Town centre, Sittingbourne




W. Malling earlier plans only

Westborough Interchange
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