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Westminster City Council
Location Map
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Primary Destinations
Central London (part) • Kilburn • West End • Westminster
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Transport for London Roads
A4 • A5 • A40 • A41 • A202 • A302 • A501 • A3203 • A3211 • A3212 • A3213 • A3214 • A4202 • A5205

Westminster City Council (a London borough with city status) is the Highway Authority for all roads in the borough not managed by the Transport for London. There are no Highways England roads in Westminster.

Highways Management

The Council is responsible for the maintenance of all of roads and associated footways in the borough that are not managed by Transport for London. This also includes, bridges, structures, signal controlled junctions, controlled crossings, road markings, traffic signs and street lights.

Classified Roads

Route From To Length
A301 St. George's Circus Strand Underpass 1.2 miles View
A302 Elephant & Castle Hyde Park Corner 2.2 miles View
A315 Bedfont Knightsbridge 13.5 miles View
A3212 Trafalgar Square Battersea Bridge 3.6 miles View
A3213 Pimlico Eaton Square 1.0 mile View
A3214 Chelsea Buckingham Palace 1.1 miles View
A3216 Knightsbridge Clapham Common 3.1 miles View
A3217 Victoria Chelsea 2.3 miles View
A40 London Fishguard 263 miles View
A400 Victoria Embankment Archway 4.3 miles View
A401 Piccadilly Circus Angel 2.2 miles View
A402 Stamford Brook Marble Arch 4.4 miles View
A404 Marylebone, London Maidenhead 43.4 miles View
A41 London Birkenhead 204 miles View
A4200 Aldwych Mornington Crescent 2.0 miles View
A4201 Piccadilly Circus Camden Town 2.5 miles View
A4205 Bishops Bridge Edgware Road 0.7 miles View
A4206 Notting Hill Gate Paddington Basin 1.4 miles View
A4207 Westbourne Grove Westbourne Park 0.8 miles View
A4209 Edgware Road Lancaster Gate 0.6 miles View
A5 London Holyhead 252 miles View
A5204 Edgware Road Tottenham Court Road 1.3 miles View
A5205 Maida Vale Camden Town 1.7 miles View
B310 Eaton Square Hyde Park Corner 0.5 miles View
B312 Lower Grosvenor Place Hobart Place 0.2 miles View
B313 Buckingham Palace Road Chelsea Bridge Road 0.3 miles View
B319 Belgrave Square Brompton Road 0.6 miles View
B323 Lambeth Bridge Buckingham Palace 0.9 miles View
B324 Greycoat Place Vauxhall Bridge Road 0.3 miles View
B326 Westminster Pimlico 0.7 miles View
B327 Haymarket Regent Street 0.06 miles View
B401 St Giles Circus Long Acre 0.2 miles View
B402 Leicester Square Station Kingsway 0.5 miles View
B404 Shaftesbury Avenue St Martin's Place 0.4 miles View
B406 Regent Street Wigmore Street 0.6 miles View
B410 Paddington Station Bayswater 0.5 miles View
B411 Royal Oak Station Queensway Station 0.7 miles View
B412 Westbourne Park Wormwood Scrubs 1.5 miles View
B413 Maida Vale Kensal Green 2.3 miles View
B414 Kilburn Park Harrow Road 0.9 miles View
B415 Ladbroke Grove Notting Hill Gate 0.6 miles View
B450 Holland Park Kensal Rise 1.8 miles View
B506 Marylebone Road Russell Square 1.2 miles View
B507 Lisson Grove Kilburn 2.0 miles View
B524 Baker Street Oxford Street 0.6 miles View
B525 Regent's Canal Swiss Cottage 0.6 miles View
C1048 Paddington Station Hyde Park Estate 0.5 miles View
C1064 0.2 miles View
C1067 St Johns Wood South Hampstead 0.5 miles View
C107 Park Road Madame Tussauds 0.2 miles View
C1089 Pimlico Grosvenor Bridge 0.6 miles View
C1189 St James's Market The Ritz 0.4 miles View
C1224 John Lewis Cavendish Square 0.076 miles View
C1235 Hanover Square John Lewis 0.045 miles View
C1284 Cavendish Square 0.5 miles View
C1285 Royal College of Nursing St Peter's Church 0.06 miles View
C1303 Hyde Park Edgware Road 0.4 miles View
C1402 Edgware Road Marylebone High Street 0.6 miles View
C1406 Portchester Square Hallfield Estate 0.3 miles View
C1427 Ascot Lodge Dibdin House 0.1 miles View
C1458 0.4 miles View
C1525 Berkeley Square Nightingale House 0.06 miles View
C1531 Maida Hill Queens Park 0.6 miles View
C1588 Maida Hill Maida Vale 0.9 miles View
C1621 Alexandra Gate Imperial College 0.2 miles View
C1731 St Marylebone Church St Peter's Church 0.5 miles View
C1733 Marylebone High Street Great Portland Street 0.4 miles View
C1878 Chippenham Gardens Maida Hill 0.3 miles View
C1890 0.2 miles View
C1911 St Saviour's Church Grand Union Canal 0.1 miles View
C1913 0.2 miles View
C1916 Paddington Rec 0.3 miles View
C1952 Nightingale House Curzon Gate 0.4 miles View
C1984 Pimlico Grosvenor Pier 0.2 miles View
C2076 Formosa Street Clifton Villas 0.09 miles View
C2157 Clifton Court The Waterway PH 0.6 miles View
C2174 0.3 miles View
C2184 Curzon Plaza Green Park 0.1 miles View
C2192 Berkeley Square New Bond Street 0.2 miles View
C2275 Kilburn South Hampstead 0.6 miles View
C2299 0.3 miles View
C2485 Little Venice St Saviour's Church 0.1 miles View
C486 St Saviour's Church Little Venice 0.2 miles View
C2487 St Saviour's Church Maida Vale 0.3 miles View
C2536 0.2 miles View
C2539 Westbourne Park Westbourne Green 0.4 miles View
C2542 Westbourne Green Paddington 0.8 miles View
C2544 Westbourne Green Little Venice 0.1 miles View
C2552 Marylebone Fitzrovia 0.4 miles View
C277 Chippenham Gardens West Kilburn 0.2 miles View
C288 Connaught Square Marble Arch 0.07 miles View
C296 Maida Hill St John's Wood 0.9 miles View
C308 Paddington Station 0.1 miles View
C411 Pimlico 0.3 miles View
C48 Edgware Road Portman Square 0.3 miles View
C496 Portman Gate 0.3 miles View
C51 Grosvenor Square Hyde Park 0.2 miles View
C568 Queen's Gate Science Museum 0.3 miles View
C569 Science Museum 0.3 miles View
C678 The Dorchester Marble Arch 0.4 miles View
C824 Selfridges Grosvenor Square 0.1 miles View
C891 St Marylebone Church 0.2 miles View
C99 Maida Vale Abbey Road 0.3 miles View 


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Classified Unnumbered (Class III) Roads

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Westminster Council
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