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Westway Roundabout (Street)

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Westway Roundabout
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The Westway Roundabout in Street opened when the adjacent Sainsburys was constructed in the 1990s. It became Streets second proper roundabout which, considering the towns size, is perhaps unusual. The A39 / A361 multiplex runs through north to south, with the supermarket off to the west. Its access road also connects to the MacDonalds, and was designed as the anticipated start point for the Walton Bypass. However, nearly 20 years later the road and its cycle track still end in trees!

In about 2001 the roundabout was rebuilt as a four way junction, to provide access to Clarks (shoes) new warehouse facility which now dominates this part of Street. Oddly, this entrance is only used for the staff car parking. Lorries use a simple T-junction further round the site.


Route To Notes


Bridgwater, (M5), Lorry Route - Taunton (A361)


Lorry Route - Clarks Deliveries
Clarks Distribution Centre (Visitors)

Westway Roundabout (Street)
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