Weymouth - Channel Islands ferry

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Weymouth - Channel Islands ferry
Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Weymouth
To:  Guernsey, Jersey
Dorset • Guernsey
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 • Jersey
Current Operator
Condor Ferries
On road(s)
A354, X1

Condor Ferries have been providing ferry services between the Channel Islands and the UK mainland for 30 years, and ferries from the Channel Islands to France for even longer. Since 1993 Condor and their parent company Commodore Shipping have been the main ferry providers from the UK, with the take over of British Channel Islands Ferries. The service has alternated between Poole and/or Weymouth over the years, but due to the size of the current ferry, Weymouth is not currently used. Almost all of the services operated by Condor from Poole and Weymouth have been Fast Ferries. In the early years, the company used Hydrofoils, but most of the car ferries have been Catamarans or similar designs.


The crossing from Weymouth to St Peter Port on Guernsey and St Helier on Jersey is currently in abeyance, as the current ferry the Condor Liberation is too large for Weymouths Harbour facilities. For details of the current service, see the Poole - Channel Islands ferry.


Weymouth - Channel Islands ferry