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The Experienced group is simply a group of users who have made many changes to the SABRE Wiki, and who have demonstrated over a period of time that they are both confident and experienced at using the SABRE Wiki, and that their changes can be autopatrolled, and so are not flagged to Administrators in the same way as most users for potential assistance.

Most notably, this means that, amongst others:

  • they have made many changes to the SABRE Wiki (including a reasonable number of recent changes)
  • their changes have been of high quality
  • they show that they use templates appropriately
  • they show that they use categories and links appropriately
  • they show that they follow the relevant Guides where appropriate

Members of this group gain no other rights or privileges whatsoever. Members of this group also do not perform any administrative functions, and nothing is expected of them bar continued demonstration of excellent additions to the SABRE Wiki.

Membership of this group is granted by request of an Administrator to the SABRE Committee, and cannot be requested by individual users.

The current group membership can be found here.

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