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Project Defunct is a task to create and maintain to a fairly high standard articles for all road numbers no longer in use in in the UK and Ireland. It is a huge task that will take many years to complete, so don't get disheartened when there seems so much to do!


We are looking to achieve several tasks:

  • Create new pages where a defunct use of a number has been identified
  • Adding Dab templates where a number has been reused elsewhere
  • Adding out of copyright maps to defunct road articles
  • Adding route information where large sections of routes have changed over time

Create new articles

To do this, we need people to start looking around on old maps, and see where different numbers appear!

Our coverage of Ireland's former T and L system is currently very poor and needs improving badly.

There is now a full list of T Roads on the T and L roads (Ireland) page. The R roads upgraded to N roads early on are needed (thinking about some of the N8x series, for instance)

Adding Dab templates

In order for different uses of a road number to be referenced from one another, the dab template {{Dab|this page description|other page description|other article title}} to the tops of all pages, just underneath the routebox information.

We only need this adding where a route number has been reused in the same numbering scheme, so one occurring in both Great Britain and Northern Ireland would not need this adding.

Adding out-of-copyright mapping

There is a large backlog of defunct roads that have been identified that do not have a scan of an out-of-copyright map to illustrate the article. Wiki:Defunct roads without a map shows at all times the current status of these.

SABRE understands the following to be the copyright situtation:

  • Ordnance Survey mapping may be used as long as more than 50 years have passed since publication, with the publication date being taken to be at the end of the year.
  • Other mapping may be used as long as more than 70 years have passed since publication, with the publication date being taken to be at the end of the year.

Therefore, OS maps can only be used (at 2010) if publiblished during or before 1959, whilst other mapping may be used if published during or before 1939.

Adding defunct route information to current roads

Where a current route has changed over time so that a section has been lost, then a note needs to be made of it both in the article's routebox, and in the text of the article itself. It would be preferred to add an out-of-copyright map to illustrate at least part of the defunct section, preferably with the number displayed. An example can be seens at B4155.

Who's involved?

To add your name to this list, edit this page and add your name to the bottom of the list.

  • Steven
  • Jeni (dipping in and out very occasionally, mostly adding maps)
  • Ritchie333 (mainly scans from NPE or Seventh Series OS maps)
  • Si (working on Irish T Roads mostly)
  • Rob (always scouring old maps in hope!)


Please start any new discussions on this project below

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