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Winnall Interchange

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Winnall Interchange
Location Map ( geo)
Start of the A34 - -1 - Coppermine - 22957.jpg
Looking north from the M3
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Winnall, Winchester
Highway Authority
National Highways
Junction Type
Roundabout interchange
Roads Joined
M3, A34, A272
Junctions related to the A272

Winnall Interchange is junction 9 of the M3, where the A34 and other local routes join. It is a local congestion hotspot, particularly on the A34 southbound where traffic often queues back up to 3 miles.

The A34 and A33 form a multiplex as they approach this junction. On the other side, there is a short section of road down to the A31 which is called Spitfire Link. This is signposted as '(A272)(A33)(A31)'/'(M3)(A34)' and maps suggest a whole variety of these numbers. (Although the A272 doesn't appear at this junction, it is multiplexed with the A34 to the north and A31 to the south)

In 2015, this junction was included in the list of schemes for the first period of the government's roads investment strategy, meaning that work on improvements could start by 2020.


The junction is on the route of the old A33 Winchester Bypass, which used what is now the M3 to the south of here and A34 to the north. Easton Lane would have met the bypass at a LILO, and continued on the other side.

In 1985 the M3 was extended across here, which caused the junction to be moved east. A temporary measure to complete the work on the new route of the A34 saw northbound traffic come up the M3, and then be diverted off the slip road, and down Winnall Lane before turning right at the old junction to rejoin the old road. Southbound traffic coming from the A33 and A34 used the new route only, but did not have the option of joining the M3 northbound or the A272 as these roads hadn't been completed. Despite being designed to be part of the M3, the new road south of here was officially the A33 for a year, while the non-motorway alternative was completed.

By 1995 whole route of the M3 had been completed, and coupled with the completion of the Newbury Bypass this junction saw a significant rise in traffic levels and was signalised. Congestion continued despite several minor works on the roundabout, and for many years there had been an aspiration to provide flyovers at the junction. National Highways put their proposals to consultation in 2018.


Route To Notes


London, Basingstoke


Southampton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth


The Midlands, Newbury, Andover (A303), Salisbury (A30), Basingstoke (A33), Kings Worthy, Stockbridge Only the first two are signposted from the motorway, the rest are signposted at the junction.


Winchester, Petersfield, Alton, Farnham, (A31) (A33) A272 is in brackets at this point.
Winnall Trading Estate Also a shortcut into Winchester.


London, Basingstoke, Newbury (A34) Part of the Winchester Bypass.


Southampton Part of the Winchester Bypass.


National Highways

Winnall Interchange
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