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Wirrall Park Roundabout

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Wirrall Park Roundabout
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Highway Authority
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A39, A361

The Wirral Park Roundabout lies at the southern end of the Glastonbury relief road, which was built in the 1990s, and for the most part follows the line of the old Somerset and Dorset Railway. The section immediately north of the roundabout, however, was built over open ground, caught between the town and the industrial area to the south west, allowing development to either side of the road. The route also marks the northern end of the multiplex between the A39 and A361, with the A39 number taking priority, even though the A361 maintains the primary route to the east (the A39 remains primary at the other end of the multiplex).

The roundabout is a four arm junction built to the north of the old road line, which follows the base of the steep Wearyall Hill. The multiplex approaches from the south west, and turns a little to the north to meet the roundabout, with the A361 continuing north east into the town, although it was re-routed away from the town centre when the bypass opened. To the north, the A39 cuts between a new housing estate and the business park to find the old railway line at Paradise, and the fourth arm provides access to the business park to the north west. This is a dead end, now almost entirely devoted to retail businesses; the rest of the industrial area is reached from other junctions.


Route To Notes


M5, Bridgwater, Taunton (A361)


Town Centre, Frome S.Mallet (B3136, Lorry Route - (A303), Rural Life Museum 1, The Tor 1½


Wells, Bath, Bristol (A37),
Trading Estate, Vetinary Surgeon

Wirrall Park Roundabout
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