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Woolmanhill Roundabout

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Woolmanhill Roundabout
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Highway Authority
Junction Type
Roads Joined
A9119, B983, B986
Junctions related to the A9119
Approaching along the B983 from the south

Woolmanhill Roundabout also known as Woolmanhill is a junction to the north west of Aberdeen city centre, in front of the old Royal Infirmary. It is now the eastern end of the A9119, which was renumbered from the B9119 in 2020 and heads west out of the city along Skene Street and Queens Road. However, its approach to the junction is turned so it approaches from the south, parallel to the dualled B983, which follows Denburn Road through the tunnel into the city centre. To the north west, the B986 is also dualled as it heads to the A944 and A96. There is some speculation that when this route is fully dualled, as has long been planned, the A96 will be redirected into the city centre along the B986 and B983, hence the current change in number.

The fourth arm of the junction is the unclassified North St Andrew Street, which leaves to the north but quickly turns east onto John Street. None of the routes have any lane gains on the approaches to the roundabout for turning traffic, which is unusual, and all three of the classified roads have pedestrian crossings a short distance from the roundabout. Due to the renumbering of a number of routes in 2020, there is now some confusion as to where exactly the B983 and B986 meet, although this roundabout appears to be the most likely location.


Route To Notes


Alford, Hazelhead (A944), City Centre (W) former B9119


City Centre (S) former A90


(A90 North and South), Inverness (A96) former A92
City Centre (N)

Woolmanhill Roundabout
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