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Yar Bridge (Yarmouth)

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Yar Bridge
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Bridge, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight (C) Christine Matthews - Geograph - 1834400.jpg
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From:  Yarmouth
To:  Norton
Yarmouth, Isle of Wight
Highway Authority
Isle of Wight
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Crossings related to the A3054
This article is about The A3054 bridge at Yarmouth on the west side of the Isle of Wight.
For The B3395 bridge at Brading, on the east side of the Isle of Wight, see Yar Bridge (Brading)

A bridge over the River Yar at Yarmouth, the smallest town in the UK (population 1000), where (unsurprisingly) the Yar flows into the sea.

Yar Bridge (Yarmouth)
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Bridge, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight (C) Christine Matthews - Geograph - 1834392.jpgYarmouth - Yar Bridge (C) Lewis Clarke - Geograph - 2887502.jpgBridge, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight (C) Christine Matthews - Geograph - 1834400.jpgYar Bridge (C) David Dixon - Geograph - 3759191.jpg
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