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ZC157 (Edinburgh)

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From:  Kirkliston (NT124745)
To:  Cramond Bridge (NT175757)
Distance:  3.6 miles (5.8 km)
Meets:  B800, B9080, A90
Former Number(s):  A9, A90
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties

West Lothian

Route outline (key)
ZC157 Kirkliston - Cramond Bridge
This article is about the Class III road numbered ZC157 maintained by Edinburgh Council.
For other roads numbered C157, see C157

The ZC157 was formerly numbered as the C157 and has probably been slightly extended at both ends, because it starts by following the former A9 route east from the crossroads with the B800 and B9080 in the centre of Kirkliston. It soon forks left, however, the old A9 now lost under Edinburgh Airport. Winding eastwards past Almondhill and Carlowrie, it reaches the Lowood Junction on the A90. Despite current problems with the overbridge here, the ZC157 appears to include the lengthy eastbound onslip, which follows the old A90 alignmen almost as far as Cramond Bridge.

This is the only 'C' road currently identified in the Edinburgh Council area, all others bearing a 'ZC' prefix. However, it is identical to the ZC157 listed elsewhere, presumably proving that the council has added a Z prefix to all of its C class roads.

ZC157 (Edinburgh)
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