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ZC9 (Edinburgh)

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From:  Gogar (NT168723)
To:  Hermiston (NT179702)
Via:  Gogar Station Road
Distance:  1.5 miles (2.4 km)
Meets:  A8, A71
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Route outline (key)
ZC9 Gogar - Hermiston
This article is about the Class III road numbered ZC9 maintained by Edinburgh Council.
For other roads numbered C9, see C9

The ZC9 follows Gogar Station Road from the A8 at Gogar to the A71 opposite the Heriot Watt University Campus at Hermiston. Curiously, the same road is also listed as the ZC159. It is not clear which is correct.

At the southernmost part it provides access to the suburb of Hermiston, and there is some farm, industrial, and residential property along its length. But for most traffic it functions as a rat run between the A71 and the A8, particularly the Royal Bank of Scotland headquarters at Gogarburn just off the A8 Glasgow Road. It is generally S2 or narrower and 20 mph limit, with cycle lanes marked on either side, and often barely enough space for two cars to pass each other. There are a number of bridges so small that traffic lights are used to restrict traffic to crossing in one direction at a time.

ZC9 (Edinburgh)
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