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Zone 1

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Zone 1 probably vies with Zone 4 as being the largest zone in England, and with the most roads. There are certainly a great number of 4-digit A roads and B roads in the zone. It covers pretty much the whole of the East Coast of England from London to Berwick, and then on to Edinburgh. However, by the time we get to Newcastle, the A1 is pretty much at the coast, so the bulk of the roads are in East Anglia, Lincolnshire, Eastern Yorkshire and County Durham.

The Roads

The A-Roads

The 2-digit routes in Zone 1 as allocated in 1922

Being one of the largest Zones, all of the numbers up to A199 were allocated in the 1922 Road Lists. Having many of the more populous urban areas (London's Essex Suburbs, Hull, Cleveland, Newcastle & Sunderland) obviously helped, but the medieval prominence of Norfolk and Suffolk also gave those counties a larger than average number of 'important' routes from which they could chose from.

  • A1 London - Edinburgh
  • A10 London-Kings Lynn
  • A11 London - Norwich
  • A12 London - Lowestoft
  • A13 London - Shoeburyness
  • A14 Royston - Huntingdon
  • A15 Peterborough - Hull
  • A16 Stamford - Grimsby
  • A17 Newark - Swaffham
  • A18 Doncaster - Grimsby
  • A19 Doncaster - South Shields

The 3-digit roads covered the zone as follows in 1922:

  • A100-A118 Greater London
  • A119-A129 Hertfordshire & Essex
  • A130-A136 Cambridgeshire & Essex
  • A137-A149 Suffolk & Norfolk
  • A150-A161 Lincolnshire
  • A162-A165 East Yorkshire
  • A166-A176 North Yorkshire & Cleveland
  • A177-A185 Durham & Sunderland
  • A186-A197 Northumberland & Newcastle
  • A198-A199 Edinburgh


The B-Roads

There were, of course, many B-roads marked out in those very early years, with most of the numbers from 100-199 and 1000-1464 and then a batch of 15xx numbers having been used at some stage. As with the other zones, the numbers started in London and then increased the further from the Capital they were. The original allocation seems to have run out somewhere near B1350 at Edinburgh, but judging by the importance of some of the higher numbers, lots of additional routes must have been allocated right from the beginning.


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