The SABRE Mission Statement

This is my humble attempt to draw out of the map closet people such as myself who are hopelessly and helplessly addicted to the study of British Roads. The people who can sit and read old Road Atlases in the same way other people can read a Mills and Boon. Those individuals who just "know" how to get to Bristol by any of 5 different route combinations without needing to consult any PC Milemaster. The laws of probability suggest that there must be in existance more Road Lovers than just me. This site is being developed to tie-up with the Yahoo Club, which was formed last year, which is where the messages will be posted. Please go and have a look at it, join up if the fancy takes you. You can visit the UK Roads Fun Palace here.

Site Aims:

i) To promote the study and appreciation of existing, obsolete, shelved, renumbered, declassified and defunct roads.

ii) To act as a forum for the exchange of ideas and opinions held by the individual. These could range from the shelving of 1960's motorway schemes to your favourite road to Bath. We would not welcome so called FLAMERS.

iii) To be the hub through which snippets of information can be exchanged. It is hoped that we can all increase our knowledge of this subject through the unfettered movement of info. Great.

iv) To generate a better understanding of the UK Road Network. It is in everyone's interest to know your geography. Knowing where you're going in advance saves time and fuel.

v) To gain a good understanding of the history of our roads.

NOTE: SABRE is NOT connected with, nor does it condone the actions of, certain modern road building conglomerates. SABRE remains highly critical of the necessity of unpopular road schemes that have appeared against the will of the public; one might feel that any route that the public do not wish for is, by its very nature, not required. Rather SABRE exists to discuss the changing physical appearance of the map of Britain which underwent such tremendous changes during the 1950-1980 period.

I hope that this explains what this site is about and whether this fits your interest. The scope is limitless, and consequently any suggestions, comments, ideas would be really helpful. Therefore, I would be obliged if all those who are interested in this subject and website could send a note to me here.


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