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How Brad Got on Telly Talking About Roads

Oh yes. I wuz on der telly.

In January 2001, a nice chap from BBC Look East sent me an email and asked if I would like to go down to Newport Pagnell Services on the M1 as they were doing a little feature on that very motorway. Could I bring my atlases along as well? No problem. Despite the heater in the Montego running at about 5% efficiency - dratted chilly in other words - I trundled down the nasty overcrowded nightmare that is the 21st century's glittering tribute to the planning dudes of the 50s.

I met with the gentleman, Mr. Jonathan Samuels, in the northbound services, which meant a scary walk across the motorway in the glass and concrete tube thing. After getting me sat down, with a jolly fine cup of coffee, Mr. Samuels asked me some interesting questions about my fascination with roads and atlases and of course, the M1.

I tried to sound as non-loony and as non-anoraky as possible, and even wore my ace Skull/Bones/Death images shirt (that my sister-in-law got me for Chrimbo - Thanks Leigh!) just to emphasise the point. Not for me some "... and here's a total lunatic living in the North of England, luckily out of harms way, Brad..." appearance. Oh no.

After getting a few cool moody shots of me standing on a concrete overpass (one of those superb 50s curvy ones) we said goodbye. It was 4.20pm and beginning to get dark.

A copy of the feature arrived on video for me to peruse and shrink with terror over. In fact, it was a pretty good little programme. Running about 5 minutes, clips of the building and heyday of the M1 were intercut with interviews of a lorry driver, a lady that worked at Newport Pag services, and yours truly. Luckily, I don't think I seemed too wierd. I hope not anyway... Well, not THAT wierd...

If anybody knows how to get this transferred from video to RealVideo or something like that please tell me. I would like to get it onto the web - but this page may have some stills (sorry, no TV card so digital camera - TV screen it will have to be) the next time you visit...

So there you have it. My appearance on telly. I would only have been seen in the Norfolk area, or wherever Look East is viewed by the indigenous population. If anyone did happen to see it, do let me know. Sadly, Mr. Samuels never mentioned the address of the website, and neither did I! So I am not sure if it generated any site traffic. Still, Mr. Max Glaskin, who writes for Auto Express did give me a mention (MANY THANKS MAX!) and so I am sure a few new people have dropped by via that. Do continue to write in -- look forward to hearing from you soon!!!

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