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Allt Kinglas Bridge

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Allt Kinglas Bridge
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From:  Dunoon Road End
To:  Dunoon
Dunoon Road End
Highway Authority
Argyll and Bute
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The bridge on the A815 across the Allt Kinglas at Dunoon Road End is not a bridge. A more accurate description would be a small tunnel under a large embankment to carry the road across the glen at the same level as the A83 on the north side. However, it does replace a proper bridge.

The New Crossing

Would you call it a bridge?

As you can see from the photo, this really is a tunnel rather than a bridge. I can assure you that there is a road up there, way up through all of those trees, up at the top, before you get to the sky. From all the way down at the bottom it seems unlikely, but the A815 crosses up there to meet the A83 at the Dunoon Road End junction. Getting to it is no easy task, and not really advisable either. Only mad Sabristi should try it!

The Old Bridge

That's a stream cutting through the grass!

Technically this is no longer a bridge either, whilst the span is intact as it now carries a stream rather than traffic it should really be described as an aqueduct these days! The bridge itself is a single stone arch across the river, with a massive buttress at the south east corner, presumbaly to prevent a possible collapse in the past. The low parapets are still topped with metal railings and the bridge deck still shows tarmac under the grass.

Both approaches to the bridge came from the west, with sharp bends at either end of the span, which must have been a problem for lorries if not cars too. On the north bank, the road climbs steeply up to the old Dunoon Road End junction, from where you can still access the bridge. On the south bank the road has been reclaimed by nature, with boggy patches, mud, fallen branches and finally a huge fallen conifer which completely prevents further progress along the old road alignment.

Allt Kinglas Bridge
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