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Every article on the wiki has a rating from 1 to 5 stars, reflecting its quality. The aim is to get each article to as highest star rating as possible.


A star rating is somewhat subjective, but the basic criteria is as follows:

  • 1 Star = This is a basic entry, that may be little more than a line of text.
  • 2 Star = The article has more substantial text or information. It might have an information box that describes key features, possibly with a map.
  • 3 Star = The article describes a feature in depth. It includes links to other articles and has at least one picture if one exists.
  • 4 Star = The article is a complete guide to the feature, including any additional related information such as a road or sign's history. The text is well laid out and easy to understand. There will be several and pictures and maps used, that complement the text well.
  • 5 Star = The article is of an outstanding quality - with all of the above, plus the text is very well written and suitable for highlighting what SABRE can produce. The pictures are well chosen and highlight the interest in the road, sign or feature. The article may be broken down into portal pages that describe individual features or the history.

Other non roads articles are rated on their merit - if there is little more that can be added, a 4 star rating would be appropriate, again, 5 Stars should be reserved for the very best.


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