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St Helena/A3

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From:  White Wall
To:  Sapper Way
Meets:  A1
Highway Authorities

St Helena Government
Error: St Helena Government is not a highway authority

The A3 is one of the shortest A roads on St Helena, and runs through part of Half Tree Hollow. It starts on the A1 at White Wall, a prominent fork as the main road climbs up through Half Tree Hollow. Heading south west, the road slowly diverges from the A1 as it drops down the hill a little, curving round a valley. Many side roads turn off to serve the scattered suburbia strewn across the hillside. One of these side roads is Sappers Way, a through route which leads back to the A1, and this junction appears to mark the end of the A3, although no one is really quite sure.

The road itself continues, winding across the hillside, little changed from when it was the A3. After a while, it climbs away from the suburbia, although side roads still link into it, and zig-zags up some hairpin bends. At length, the road reaches the only roundabout on St Helena (a tree is growing in the middle of a junction), and soon after the Cathedral is passed. Before long, the road rejoins the A1 just above White Gate.

St Helena/A3
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