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Bishopmill Bridge

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Bishopmill Bridge
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Bridge over the River Lossie - Geograph - 1068899.jpg
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Highway Authority
Opening Date
1814, 1830, 1873, 1988
Additional Information
Bridge Type:  Girder Bridge
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Crossings related to the A941

Bishopmill Bridge carries the A941 across the River Lossie to the north of Elgin city centre. The road currently runs a little to the west of the old alignment, making use of the new bridge.

The Old Bridge

The Old Bishopmill Bridge

Sitting on the now pedestrian Bridge Street, the older Bishopmill Bridge was constructed in 1873. It replaced an earlier structure which was constructed in 1830 following the floods of the year before. It appears that this original bridge was only 15 years old at the time, having been constructed in 1814! However, despite these floods the older Brewery Bridge further down stream has stood since 1800!

The structure itself is an Iron Girder bridge with elegant parapets crossing between stone abutments in two spans. The central piers are a pair of iron legs, with bracing also set in concrete on the river bed.

The New Bridge

The new bridge

The modern bridge follows in its predecessors footsteps in that it is also of girder construction, albeit this time constructed from Steel. The bridge slopes down gently from north to south, with angled legs supporting the girders on the northern bank. Constructed in 1988 the new bridge allows the A941 to meet the A96 at a better aligned junction via Cumming Street, and also provided space for car parking for the civic buildings of Lossie Wynd.

Bishopmill Bridge
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A941-bishopmill-br1.jpgA941-bishopmill-br2.jpgBridge over the River Lossie - Geograph - 1068899.jpg
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