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A42 (Isle of Man)
Prospect Hill, Douglas - Geograph - 2387145.jpg
Prospect Hill, Douglas
Prospect Hill - Geograph - 2387165.jpg
Prospect Hill
Buck's Road, Douglas - Geograph - 1883838.jpg
Buck's Road, Douglas
Buck's Road, Douglas - Geograph - 1883850.jpg
Buck's Road, Douglas
Woodbourne Road (C) Andrew Abbott - Geograph - 3148668.jpg
Woodbourne Road (C) Andrew Abbott
Bucks Road at The Lansdowne (C) Glyn Baker - Geograph - 3408323.jpg
Bucks Road at The Lansdowne (C) Glyn Baker
The Lansdowne is a friendly Douglas guest house <a title='' rel='nofollow' href=''>Link</a><img style='padding-left:2px;' alt='External link' title='External link - shift click to open in new window' src='' width='10' height='10'/>
Douglas - Buildings along Victoria... (C) Joseph Mischyshyn - Geograph - 1663188.jpg
Douglas - Buildings along Victoria... (C) Joseph Mischyshyn
The bright yellow building further down from the Salisbury Hotel on the left is
Macbeths' public house
Victoria Street, Douglas (C) Colin Park - Geograph - 2145297.jpg
Victoria Street, Douglas (C) Colin Park
Looking south down Prospect Hill, the A42 in Douglas from the junction with the A43
Tynwald, seat of the Isle of Man Government, in Douglas. The A42 runs along Bucks Road to the left, and the B64 comes down Finch Road on the right
Looking north along Bucks Road, the A42
Looking west along the A42, Victoria Street in Douglas
The A42, Victoria Street, meeting the A11 on Douglas Promenada
Looking down Ridgeway Street, the A44, towards the harbour in Douglas

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