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4 Levels on M25 Junction 3 with A2.jpg
4 Levels on M25 Junction 3 with A2
Elmbridge Court Roundabout alternative.png
Alternative design for Elmbridge Court Roundabout as proposed by the County Council in 1972. This differs from the Ministry of Transport's design by having the A40 passing beneath the bridges and the B4063 avoiding the roundabout. There is no connection between the roundabout and the B4063 towards Gloucester. This appears to be designed to stop traffic using the B4063 to gain access to the centre of Gloucester. The B4063 to the east has access to the roundabout which joins the flyover at a merge consisting of single lane dualling. This could be a measure to prevent traffic U-turning to head towards Gloucester and vice versa.
Terrible sketch of Directional T Junction types
M2 J5.png
Fantasy free-flow redesign of M2 Junction 5.
IMG 3930.JPG
Coming off the M6 and heading on down the M5. This is a decent shot I happened to get of the M6 above while going down the M5 sliproad. As for the street lighting, the M6 is lit with Philips SGS204s on short double-brackets, and the M5 is lit with Urbis ZX3s on long single-brackets.
IMG 3931.JPG
The M6 motorway photograped in the distance while driving along the M5 motorway. M6 Junction 8, West Midlands.