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This is, in my opinion, one of the most dangerous roundabouts I have ever encountered and should be approached with great caution by the unwary. Going North the first encounter with the roundabout could best be described as a 90 degree corner quickly followed by an 180 degree hairpin bend then another corner of about 100 degrees to resume travelling roughly north-west. No attempt seems to have been made to smooth out the sharp turns and the suggestion that it is a "round"about is nothing short of risible - a "sharp"about would be more accurate. Unfortunately southbound travel is little better - not only again is there a sharp turn on the roundabout itself but the nearside lane off of the roundabout is then faced with the hazard of traffic joining from the A600 filtering into the nearside lane with little or no regard for the traffic already on the main carriageway. The notorious "Black Cat" roundabout a few miles further North, although still pretty appalling, is a veritable masterpiece of the road planners art when compared to the Biggleswade South roundabout. It is difficult to conclude that the planners and those from the Highway Authority who approved its construction have little or no idea of what constitutes a safe passage for modern road users.

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