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A1 (Italy)

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Symbol for the Autostrada A1
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Autostrada del Sole
From:  Milan
To:  Naples
Via:  Bologna, Florence, Rome
Distance:  759.4 km (471.9 miles)
Meets:  A50 / A51; A3
Former Number(s):  A2
Highway Authorities

Autostrade per l'Italia S.p.A.

Traditional Counties

Lombardy  • Emilia-Romagna  • Tuscany  • Umbria  • Lazio  • Campania

Route outline (key)
A1 (Italy) Milano - Napoli
Junction List
Junc Exit for links to
Tangenziale Est di Milano Milan Ring Road East Milan-Linate Airport
San Donato Milanese San Donato Milanese SS9 - Via Emilia
San Giuliano Milanese San Giuliano Milanese
Tangenziale ovest di Milano A50 A8, A9
Melegnano - Binasco Binasco
Toll Barriera Milano sud
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio San Zenone
Lodi Pavia, Crema ex. SS235
Casalpusterlengo - Ospedaletto Lodigiano Pavia, Cremona ex. SS234
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio Somaglia
Piacenza nord Piacenza north
A21 Torino-Brescia Turin / Brescia A21
Piacenza sud Piacenza Ring Road SS725
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio Arda
Fiorenzuola northbound exit only, southbound entrance only A21 dir.
Fidenza - Salsomaggiore Terme Fidenza centre / Salsomaggiore Terme centre
A15 La Spezia La Spezia A15
Parma Colorno / Casalmaggiore / Sabbioneta / Mantova SS343 / SS420
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio San Martino
Terre di Canossa - Campegine Terre di Canossa / Campegine
Reggio Emilia City Centre
A22 Brennero Brenner / Austria A22
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio Secchia
Modena nord City Centre
Modena sud City Centre
Crespellano-Valsamoggia under construction
A14 Ancona Bologna Borgo Panigale / Bologna Ring Road A14
A14 Ancona Bologna Casalecchio / Bologna Ring Road A14
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio Cantagallo
Sasso Marconi Sasso Marconi
Rioveggio Rioveggio Centre
Pian del Voglio Pian del Voglio
Roncobilaccio Roncobilaccio
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio Roncobilaccio
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio Aglio
Barberino di Mugello Barberino Town Centre
Calenzano - Sesto Fiorentino Sesto Fiorentino / Florence ex Prato-Calenzano
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio Bisenzio
Firenze nord Florence North
Firenze-Pisa nord Firenze-Peretola Airport A12
Firenze Scandicci Lastra a Signa S.G.C. Firenze-Pisa-Livorno
Firenze Impruneta Certosa / Siena RA3
Firenze sud Florence south SS67
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio Chianti
Incisa - Reggello Incisa / Reggello
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio Arno Ovest
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio Arno Est
Valdarno Valdarno
Arezzo Arezzo / Siena
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio Badia al Pino
Monte San Savino Monte San Savino
Valdichiana - Bettolle - Sinalunga S N
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio Montepulciano
Chiusi - Chianciano Terme Siena / Perugia RA6
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio Fabro
Fabro Fabro Town Centre
Orvieto Orvieto Town Centre
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio Tevere
Attigliano Attigliano Town Centre
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio Giove
Orte Viterbo / Terni / Ravenna SS675 / SS3 bis / SP204
Magliano Sabina Via Flaminia SP3
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio Flaminia
Ponzano Romano - Soratte Torri in Sabina / Poggio Mirteto SP3 / SS4
Roma nord Grande Raccordo Anulare (Rome Ring Road) A1 dir. / G.R.A.
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio Mascherone
Guidonia Montecelio Guidonia M.
Roma est Eastern Ring Road / L'Aquila / Teramo / Chieti / Pescara A24 / A25 / G.R.A.
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio Prenestina
Roma sud Rome South G.R.A.
Valmontone Valmontone
Colleferro Colleferro
Anagni - Fiuggi Terme Anagni / Fiuggi T.
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio La Macchia
Ferentino Sora SP214
Frosinone Latina SP156
Ceprano Ceprano
Pontecorvo - Castrocielo Pontecorvo / Castrocielo
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio Casilina
Cassino Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park / Formia SP630
San Vittore Venafro SS6 dir.
Caianello Benevento SS372
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio Teano
Capua Capua Town Centre
Santa Maria Capua Vetere Reggia di Caserta SS700
Caserta nord Reggia di Caserta / Caserta Ring Road SS700
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio San Nicola
A30 Caserta - Salerno Salerno / Reggio Calabria A30 / A3
Toll Barriera Napoli nord
Caserta sud Marcianise / Reggia di Caserta SS700
Pomigliano d'Arco Villa Literno SS7 bis
Acerra - Afragola Afragola City Centre SS162
Napoli - Canosa Naples Centre / Canosa A16
Casoria Casoria Town Centre
A1 - Ramo Capodichino Naples Ring Road / Naples-Capodichino Airport A56
Services symbol.gif Area di Servizio Masseria
Napoli Centro Direzionale Cercola / Naples City Centre SS162 dir.
Napoli zona portuale Port / Amalfi / Pompeii / Ercolano A3

The Autostrada A1 Milano-Napoli, also known as the Autostrada del Sole (Motorway of the Sun) is the longest Autostrada (Motorway) in Italy. It is the main north-south route connecting Milan to Naples, passing Bologna, Florence and Rome. It is entirely managed by Autostrade per l'Italia. The road was opened by Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro in 1964.


The Motorway of the Sun was a major post-War project for the Italian Government in the 1950s, intended as a contribuent factor to reconstruction after World War II. Prior to completion, commercial traffic from Naples to Milan had to embark on a two day journey on major and minor trunk roads. By constructing an arterial motorway, consignments from the South of Italy heading North (and vice versa) would be delivered more quickly, thus contributing to a reduction in the price of material goods.

Construction began on the 19th May 1956. The first section between Milan and Parma opened on the 8th December 1958 in the presence of Prime Minister Amintore Fanfani and the Minister for Public Works, Giuseppe Togni. The Bologna-Florence section opened on the 3rd December 1960, followed by the Rome-Naples section on the 22 September 1962 (as the A2). The entire length of the motorway was completed on the 4th October 1964 when the final section between Chiusi and Orvieto was opened. Until that date, traffic on the A1 was forced to exit at Chiusi (southbound) or Orvieto (northbound) and use the ex-SS71 Umbro Casentinese Romagnola trunk road.


Construction of the entire motorway entailed:

  • 15 million working hours
  • 52 million cubic metres of excavated earth
  • 1.8 million cubic metres of earth excavated from tunnel boring
  • 5 million cubic metres of walls and pavements
  • 16 million square metres of surfacing
  • 853 bridges, viaducts and similar constructions
  • 2500 manholes
  • 572 overpasses
  • 35 twin-bore tunnels
  • 3 single-bore tunnels

The construction of the A1 was under the supervision of engineer Fedele Cova, Managing Director of the precursor to Autostrade per l'Italia, and feasibility studies as well as planning was assigned to SISI - Società Iniziative Stradali Italiane (Italian Road Initiatives Company) - a joint-venture between state oil company AGIP, car maker FIAT, cement producer Italcementi and tyre manufacturer Pirelli.

The entire 7595 km strech of road cost 272 billion Italian Lire (approx. £157 million in 1964).

Autostrada A2

The A1 formerly terminated north-east of Rome and linked to the Rome-Naples section via the Grande Raccordo Anulare (Rome Ring Road). The Rome-Naples section was given the denomination A2. On completion of the Fiano Romano - San Cesareo section in 1988, the "gap" was closed, and it was possible to bypass Rome avoiding the congested ring road. At the same time, the A2 denomination was deleted, and the entire Milan - Naples stretch assumed the denomination A1.

European Route Number

The Autostrada del Sole is part of the European Route E35 Amsterdam (NLD) - Rome (ITA) (from Milan to Rome) and of the E45 Karesuvanto (FIN) - Gela (ITA) (from Rome to Naples).

In popular culture

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the opening of the A1, national broadcaster Rai produced a two-part film called La strada dritta ("The Straight Road").


On 27 November 2014, at approximately 06:30, an attempted ambush of an armoured high-value goods van at km marker 35 (near Lodi) closed a stretch of the A1 between Lodi and Piacenza in both directions. The would-be assailants set fire to two HGVs, blocking the carriageway, however the attempt failed and they fled the scene. Breaking story - more to follow...

A1 (Italy)
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