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A4 (Italy)

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300px-Autostrada A4 Italia.svg.png
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Serenissima ("Most Serene")
From:  Turin
To:  Sistiana
Via:  Milan  • Brescia  • Verona  • Vicenza  • Mestre  • Venice
Distance:  522.4 km (324.6 miles)
Meets:  24px-autostrada a55 italia.svg.gif A55  • Italian traffic signs - raccordo autostradale 13.svg.gif RA13
Highway Authorities

Autostrade per l'Italia S.p.A.  • S.A.T.A.P. S.p.A.  • Autostrada Brescia-Verona-Vicenza-Padova S.p.A.  • CAV S.p.A.  • Autovie Venete S.p.A.

Traditional Counties

Piedmont  • Lombardy  • Veneto  • Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Route outline (key)
A4 (Italy) Turin - Sistiana

The Autostrada A4 is a major Italian motorway in the north of the country in an East-West direction, linking the cities of Turin, Milan, Brescia, Venice and Trieste.

Along the route there are various intersections with other arterial routes and city ring-roads. Between Turin and Venice the road is mainly 3 lanes + hard shoulder in both directions (except over some bridges and viaducts), with a bi-directional 4-lane sector between Milan and Bergamo. The final section from Venice to Trieste is two lanes each way, with widening works ongoing.

European Routes

The A4 is classified as a part of three European Routes:

  • E64 between Turin and Brescia
  • E70 between Brescia and Trieste
  • E55 between the A57 and A23 junctions


The first segment of the A4 opened on the 24 September 1927 between Milan and Bergamo, with an extension to Brescia opening in 1931. Work on the Milan - Turin section of the road began in 1930, opening to traffic on the 25 October 1932 as a single carriageway, 8-metre wide road. With the increase in traffic levels, the carriageway was widened to 10 metres during the 1950s, with work completed in 1962. By the end of the decade, traffic had again increased, and the hard shoulder was replaced by a third lane in both directions. This modification meant that the lane width did not respect motorway standards, however the road was not de-classified. This created a dangerous situation, especially when foggy, and serious discussion regarding its improvement began in the 1980s.

Permission was granted in 2000 for improvement works to the Milan-Turin stretch, to be completed alongside the construction of a high-speed railway line along the same general route. The works, due to be completed in time for the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Turin overran, and as of December 2014 only the sector between Turin and Novara is complete. The remaining upgrade of the Novara-Milan sector is due to be completed by 2015.

Other parts of the A4 were completed on the following dates:

  • Venice - Padova - 15 October 1933
  • Brescia - Padova - 10 February 1962
  • Venice - Sistiana - Trieste - 22 February 1970

Until 8 February 2009, the A4 followed a route around the town of Mestre, until a new link further north was opened on that date. The old section was reclassified as the A57 Tangenziale di Mestre.

The A4 Today

The A4 is considered the busiest motorway in Italy taking into account number of vehicles per km.

The route represents an important East-West corridor for traffic travelling between the Iberian peninsular and the Balkans.

The following companies manage the road along its length:

Unlike the other major arterial motorways in Italy, the A4 is not contiguous from one end to the other. The toll system is broken around the northern edge of Milan, the interested section forming a part of the ring-road and is toll-free.

Turin - Milan

Managed by S.A.T.A.P., the entire section is, or will soon be, 3 lanes with hard shoulder in both directions. 100 km of the route is in the Piedmont region, with a further 25 km approx. in Lombardy.

The A4 intersects with the A5 and A26 in this sector.

The 4 km stretch at the end of the route managed by S.A.T.A.P. between the exit for the Western Milan ring-road and Milan-Certosa sees particularly high volumes of traffic. Queues are frequent.

Milan - Brescia

Managed by Autostrade per l'Italia from the Rho-Pero exit onwards, the road passes through some of the most built-up urban conurbations in Italy. The Barriera Milano Est toll plaza is situated south of Monza to the north-east of Milan. The Eastern Milan Ring Road merges with the A4 after this point, and the route continues as far as just before the Brescia Centro exit.

Between the Milano Ghisolfa and Agrate exits the route is referred to as the tratto urbano (Urban Sector), and is not subject to tolls.

The Milan - Brescia stretch sees an average usage of 100,000 vehicles per day, reaching as many as 140,000 on peak days. Around 40% of this traffic is made up from heavy goods vehicles. Thanks in part to improvement works, the number of accidents per 100 million km travelled in this sector fell from 51 to 43.5 between 1999 and 2007.

Brescia - Venice

From km point 217.6 the management of the route is by Autostrada Brescia-Verona-Vicenza-Padova S.p.A., although this change is not instantly noticeable save for a small sign on the side of the road.

The A21 converges on the A4 at the Brescia centro exit, which also originates in Turin, but passes to the south of Milan.

Passing through Lombardy and Veneto, the 170 km stretch is frequently used by traffic heading to and from Lake Garda.

The A22 Brenner motorway to Austria crosses the A4 near Verona and continues on to Vicenza, where the road also crosses the A31.

Finally, near Padua, the A4 meets the A13 Padua-Bologna motorway, after which the management of the road changes hands once again from km point 363.724.

Passante di Mestre

See full article Passante di Mestre (Mestre Bypass)

The Passante di Mestre (Mestre Bypass) is a 32.3km stretch of the A4 which avoids the former urban section which passes through the city of Mestre. The old route has been reclassified as the A57 Mestre Ring Road (tangenziale di Mestre).

Opened on 8 February 2009 and managed by CAV S.p.A., the bypass proceeds in a northerly direction around the city of Mestre and has junctions for Preganziol, Spinea, Martellago-Scorzè as well as intersections for the A27 and A57 motorways.

The opening of the bypass saw the Venice East toll plaza moved closer to the city of Venice (on the A57), along with the Quarto d'Altino exit, in order to provide a continuous barrier-free journey along the new route of the A4.

Venice - Trieste

Managed by Autovie Venete S.p.A., this 120 km stretch is two lanes in each direction with hard shoulder, save for a short section where the road crosses the Tagliamento Bridge.

This sector has junctions for the A28, the A23 towards Austria, and the A34 towards Slovenia.

Between Venice and Redipuglia there is also an average speed camera system installed, known as Tutor, active since February 2011.

In 2008 the volume of heavy goods traffic increased by 16% compared to the previous year, and total traffic volume more than doubled (105%) between 2004 and 2008.

Route Detail

Type Exit km (Eastbound) km (Westbound) Province European Route
24px-city-symbol.gif Torino Giulio Cesare 0,0 122,9 TO E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Torino Abbadia di Stura
24px-autostrada a55 italia.svg.gifTangenziale Nord
E612.gif 24px-autostrada a5 italia.svg.gif Aosta
E70.gif 24px-traforo t4 italia.svg.gif Traforo del Frejus Eur-flagicon.gif FRA-Flagicon.gif
2,0 120,9 TO E64.gif
Black-services.gif Area Servizio "Settimo Torinese" 3,0 119,9 TO E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Settimo Torinese 4,0 118,9 TO E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Brandizzo
Leinì, Volpiano
10,0 112,9 TO E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Chivasso ovest 14,0 108,9 TO E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Chivasso centro
Caluso, Ivrea
16,0 106,9 TO E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Chivasso est 19,0 103,9 TO E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Rondissone 24,0 98,9 TO E64.gif
Info pedaggio.gif Barriera Rondissone 24,3 98,6 TO E64.gif
Black-services.gif Area Servizio "San Rocco" -- -- VC E64.gif
Black-services.gif Area Servizio "Cigliano" 31,9 -- VC E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Cigliano 32.9 90 VC E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Borgo d'Ale 36,8 86,1 VC E64.gif
24px-IT-intersection.gif E25.gif 24px-autostrada a4-5 italia.svg.gif - 24px-autostrada a26-a4 italia.svg.gif Ivrea - Vercelli
E25.gif 24px-autostrada a5 italia.svg.gif Aosta
E25.gif 24px-autostrada a26 italia.svg.gif Genova
43,8 79,1 VC E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Santhià 45,2 77,7 VC E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Carisio
54,4 68,5 VC E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Balocco 60,0 62,9 VC E64.gif
Black-services.gif Area Servizio "Villarboit" 64,2 58,7 VC E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Greggio 67,5 55,4 VC E64.gif
24px-IT-intersection.gif 24px-autostrada a26 italia.svg.gif Genova - Gravellona T. 72,4 50,5 NO E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Biandrate-Vicolungo 73,6 49,3 NO E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Novara Ovest 82,9 40,0 NO E64.gif
Black-services.gif Area Servizio Bidirezionale "Novara" 88,7 34,2 NO E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Novara Est 90,5 32,4 NO E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Marcallo-Mesero
Ss336.gif Airport-symbol.gif Malpensa
104,5 18,4 MI E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Arluno 110,9 12,0 MI E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Rho 118,4 4,5 MI E64.gif
Info pedaggio.gif Barriera Milano Ghisolfa 120,8 2,1 MI E64.gif
24px-IT-intersection.gif E35.gif 24px-autostrada a50 italia.svg.gif Tangenziale Ovest di Milano
E35.gif 24px-autostrada a1 italia.svg.gif Bologna
E62.gif 24px-autostrada a7 italia.svg.gif Genova
E62.gif 24px-autostrada a8 italia.svg.gif Varese, Sesto C.
E35.gif 24px-autostrada a9 italia.svg.gif Como, Chiasso
120,9 2,0 MI E64.gif
Black-services.gif Area Servizio "Pero" 122,9 0,0 MI E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Pero
n/a n/a MI E64.gif
24px-IT-intersection.gif 24px-autostrada a8 italia.svg.gif Varese
24px-exit-symbol.gif Milano V.le Certosa
125,0 516,3 MI E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Cormano
Bresso - Milano Niguarda
Superstrada.gif Superstrada Milano-Meda
129,5 511,8 MI E64.gif
Black-services.gif Area Servizio "Lambro" 133,6 507,7 MI E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Sesto San Giovanni
Cinisello Balsamo - Milano V.le Zara
136,1 505,2 MI E64.gif
Info pedaggio.gif Barriera Milano est 138,0 503,3 MB E64.gif
24px-IT-intersection.gif 24px-autostrada a52 italia.svg.gif Tangenziale Nord Milano
24px-exit-symbol.gif Monza
138,0 503,3 MB E64.gif
24px-IT-intersection.gif 24px-autostrada a51 italia.svg.gif Tangenziale Est Milano 144,5 496,8 MB E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Agrate Brianza 145,5 495,8 MB E64.gif
Black-services.gif Area Servizio "Brianza" 148,4 492,9 MB E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Cavenago-Cambiago 149,7 491,6 MB E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Trezzo sull'Adda 156,8 484,5 MI E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Capriate 160,3 481,0 BG E64.gif
Black-services.gif Area Servizio Bidirezionale "Brembo" 165,7 475,6 BG E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Dalmine 165,4 475,9 BG E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Bergamo
Airport-symbol.gif Orio al Serio
172,1 469,2 BG E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Seriate 178,7 462,6 BG E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Grumello-Telgate 187,3 454,0 BG E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Ponte Oglio 190,6 450,7 BG E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Palazzolo 192,8 448,5 BS E64.gif
Black-services.gif Area Servizio Bidirezionale "Sebino" 197,5 443,8 BS E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Rovato 201,0 440,3 BS E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Ospitaletto 206,0 435,3 BS E64.gif
Black-services.gif Area Servizio "Val Trompia" 213,7 427,6 BS E64.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Brescia Ovest 214,9 426,4 BS E64.gif
24px-IT-intersection.gif 24px-autostrada a21 italia.svg.gif Piacenza
24px-exit-symbol.gif Brescia Centro
222,3 419,0 BS
Black-services.gif Area Servizio "S. Giacomo" 226,5 414,8 BS E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Brescia Est
Airport-symbol.gif Brescia-Montichiari
228,8 413,5 BS E70.gif
Parking-symbol.gif Area Parcheggio "Campagnola" 232,2 409,1 BS E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Desenzano 243,9 397,4 BS E70.gif
Black-services.gif Area Servizio "Monte Alto" 244,6 396,7 BS E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Sirmione 251,3 390.0 BS E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Peschiera 258.8 382,5 VR E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Castelnuovo del Garda (under construction)
superstrada Strada Statale 450 di Affi
266.3 375,0 VR E70.gif
Parking-symbol.gif Area Parcheggio "Val di Sona" 268,4 372.9 VR E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Sommacampagna
Airport-symbol.gif Verona-Villafranca
270,4 370.9 VR E70.gif
Black-services.gif Area Servizio "Monte Baldo" 271,7 369.6 VR E70.gif
24px-IT-intersection.gif 24px-autostrada a22 italia.svg.gif Autostrada A22 275,3 366.0 VR E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Verona Sud 279,8 361.5 VR E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Verona Est 289,7 351.6 VR E70.gif
Black-services.gif Area Servizio Bidirezionale "Scaligera" 300.7 340,6 VR E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Soave 302,4 338.9 VR E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Montebello 311,4 329.9 VI E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Montecchio 320,6 320.7 VI E70.gif
Black-services.gif Area Servizio "Villa Morosini ovest" VI E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Vicenza Ovest 326,6 314.7 VI E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Vicenza Est 334,2 307.1 VI E70.gif
24px-IT-intersection.gif 24px-autostrada a31 italia.svg.gif Piovene Rocchette 335,6 305.7 VI E70.gif
Black-services.gif Area Servizio "Tesina est" 336,0 305.3 VI E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Grisignano 343,3 298.0 VI E70.gif
Black-services.gif Area Servizio Bidirezionale "Limenella" 354,5 286.8 PD E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Padova Ovest
Tangenziale di Padova
356.2 285,1 PD E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Padova Est
Tangenziale di Padova
363.3 278,0 PD E70.gif
24px-IT-intersection.gif 24px-autostrada a13 italia.svg.gif Bologna 364,2 277.1 PD E70.gif
Black-services.gif Area Servizio "Arino" 372.5 268.8 VE E70.gif
24px-IT-intersection.gif Tangenziale di Venezia - Mestre (west) 374.6 VE E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Spinea 380.9 VE E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Martellago - Scorzè open July 2012 VE E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Preganziol 400 TV E70.gif
24px-IT-intersection.gif 24px-autostrada a27 italia.svg.gif Belluno
Airport-symbol.gif Venezia-Tessera
Tangenziale di Venezia (north)
402 TV E70.gif
24px-IT-intersection.gif E55.gif Tangenziale di Venezia - Quarto d'Altino (east) 407

VE E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Meolo-Roncade 19.7 VE-TV E55.gifE70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif San Donà di Piave-Noventa 28.2 VE E55.gifE70.gif
Black-services.gif Area Servizio "Calstorta" 35 VE E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Cessalto 35.8 TV E55.gifE70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Santo Stino di Livenza 42.5 VE E55.gifE70.gif
24px-IT-intersection.gif 24px-autostrada a28 italia.svg.gif Conegliano 55.4 VE E55.gifE70.gif
Black-services.gif Area Servizio "Fratta" 59.5 VE E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Latisana 68.8 UD E55.gifE70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif San Giorgio di Nogaro-Porpetto 86.3 UD E55.gifE70.gif
Black-services.gif Area Servizio "Gonars" 90.3 VE E70.gif
24px-IT-intersection.gif E55.gif 24px-autostrada a23 italia.svg.gif Tarvisio
Eur-flagicon.gif Aut-flagicon.gif Villach - Vienna
93.3 UD E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Palmanova 94.9 UD E70.gif
24px-IT-intersection.gif 24px-autostrada a34 italia.svg.gif Villesse - Gorizia
Eur-flagicon.gif Slo-flagicon.gifNova Gorica
105.1 GO E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Redipuglia - Monfalcone Ovest
Airport-symbol.gif Trieste-Ronchi d.L.
110.1 GO E70.gif
Info pedaggio.gif Barriera Lisert 118.7 GO E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Monfalcone Est 119.1 GO E70.gif
Black-services.gif Area Servizio "Duino" 122.6 TS E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Duino 123.3 TS E70.gif
24px-exit-symbol.gif Sistiana
Ss14.gif Trieste - Eur-flagicon.gif Slo-flagicon.gifIstria
126.3 TS E70.gif
Green-autostrada.gif Spur Sistiana - Padriciano
0.0 TS E70.gif

A4 (Italy)
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