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A3 (Germany)

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From:  Emmerich
To:  Passau
Via:  Frankfurt-am-Main
Distance:  778 km (483.4 miles)
Meets:  A12 (Netherlands), A2, A516, A42, A40, A52, A44, A46, A542, A1, A4, A59, A560, A48, A66, A67, A5, A661, A45, A81, A7, A73, A9, A6, A93, A92, A8 Austria

The A3 in Germany goes from the Dutch border at Emmerich in the Ruhr area to the Austrian border near Passau.

The A3 starts at a border with Netherlands south-east of Arnhem and goes south-east to the junction with the A2 at Oberhausen, then south to the junction with the A4 at Koln, then continues south-east past Frankfurt-am-Main. It then continues south-east to the junction with the A7 near Wurzburg, and on to the junction with the A9 near Nuremburg. It continues south-east past Regensburg and Passau to the Austrian border at the bridge over the River Inn at Neuhaus am Inn.

A3 (Germany)
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