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Country code SLO
Drives on:  right
Route prefixes:  A, H, G, R
Traffic light sequence:  green · amber · red ·
Signage colour
Motorway:  green on white
Main road:  blue on white
Long distances:  kilometres
Short distances:  metres
Heights:  metresFuel:  litres
General data
Population:  2,080,908 (2018)
Area:  20,273 km²
Currency:  Euro EUR (€)
Time zone:  GMT+1 (summer:GMT+2)
Internet TLD code:  .si
International dialling code:  +386
Capital City::  Ljubljana
Austria, Croatia, Italy, Hungary

Slovenia is a small country in central Europe which was formerly part of Yugoslavia and was the first to break away in 1991.


Highway network

The Slovenian highway network plan is nearing completion, with all major motorway routes having been constructed. The outstanding parts of the network include some sections of expressways which still need to be completed. Slovenia currently uses a highway vignette system to toll the highways however there are sections of motorway (particularly the A1) where traffic is slowed to pass through what appears to be former toll booth plazas. Overhead cameras are used (presumably) to check for the vignette when passing through the former toll plazas.


Motorways in Slovenia are built to a high standard and are incredibly scenic motorways with long tunnels and viaducts through mountainous terrain being very common features. They are signed with white on green signs and the national speed limit is 130 km/h unless signed otherwise and they are numbered with an "A" prefix. The speed limit tends to be lowered to 110 km/h when there is no hard shoulder present and 100 km/h through tunnels and more twisty sections through the mountains. Motorway tunnels in Slovenia tend to be constructed to D2 and are fully illuminated inside with LED catseyes helping to mark the lanes. The start of motorway regulations are signed with a white on green chopsticks sign and a similar sign with a red strike through it to show when these regulations end.

List of Slovenian motorways

Number Main Connections Start End Length
A1 Austria - Maribor - Celje - Ljubljana - Postojna - Koper A9 Austrian Border Koper 245 km
A2 Austria - Bled - Kranj - Ljubljana - Novo Mesto - Croatia A10 Austrian Border A3 Croatian Border 171 km
A3 A1 - Italy A1 Italian Border 12 km
A4 Maribor - Ptuj - Croatia Maribor A2 km
A5 Maribor - Murska Sobota - Hungary A1 Maribor M70 Hungarian Border 80 km


Expressways in Slovenia are signed with white on blue signs and are built to slightly lower standards than the motorways and they are numbered with a "H" prefix. They are still high quality dual carriageway routes however and tend to have grade-separated junctions although at-grade junctions are also not uncommon. The national speed limit on expressways is 110 km/h but many of them tend to be signed at lower limits.

List of Slovenian motorways

Number Main Connections Start End Length
H2 Maribor expressway A1 Junction 2 Maribor centre 7 km
H3 Ljubljana ring road - north flank A1 A2 10 km
H4 Razdrto - Nova Gorica - Italy A1 Junction 43 A34 (Italy) 42 km
H5 Italy - Koper Italian Border H6 Koper 8 km
H6 Koper - Izola Koper Izola 5 km
H7 Dolga Vas Border Crossing A5 Junction 11, Dolga Vas Hungarian Border 4 km

Junction numbering

Highway junctions are numbered in a similar way to the United Kingdom. On north-south routes, junction 1 tends to be the northernmost junction with the numbers increasing southwards. On other routes which radiate from the A1, the junction numbers increase as they move away from it.

Local roads

Speed limits

National speed limits

Road Type Standards Speed Limit (km/h) Speed Limit (mph)
Motorway D2, D2M 130 80
Expressway D2 110 70
Rural single-carriageway roads S2, S2+1, 90 55
Urban single-carriageway roads S2, S4 50 30

Vehicle registration

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