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Hayocks Roundabout

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Hayocks Roundabout
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Highway Authority
North Ayrshire
Junction Type
Roads Joined
A738, B780
Junctions related to the A738
Junctions related to the B780

Hayocks Roundabout is the eastern junction between the A738 and B780. The actual island at the centre of the junction is small, but surrounded by a large area of tarmac to accommodate the three approach routes. These all have two approach lanes for turning traffic, and the two arms of the A738 also have two exit lanes, in both cases the right hand one being a dedicated right turn lane for another junction a short distance away. The eastern arm of the A738 also has a bus lane heading away from the junction, which begins with a taper as the right turn lane ends.


This junction came into being in the late 1920s when Glencairn Street was built as a bypass of Stevenston town centre for the A78. At that time it would have been a sharp fork junction, the roundabout being added many years later. When Glencairn Street opened, it moved the eastern end of the A738 out to the new junction, the route having been extended over the former A78 line along Townhead Street. Move forward to 2004, and the A78 moved again, out onto the Three Towns Bypass, and this time instead of a simple extension, the A738 was moved onto the former A78 route, and the B780 extended over the former A738 through Stevenston town centre.


Route To Notes


Kilwinning former A78


Ardrossan, Saltcoats former A78


Stevenston town centre former A738

Hayocks Roundabout
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