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Siorrachd Inbhir Àir
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Primary Destinations
Ayr • Irvine • Kilmarnock
Other Important Destinations
Ardrossan • Girvan • Largs • Prestwick Airport
Current Highway Authorities
East Ayrshire Council • North Ayrshire Council • South Ayrshire Council
Buteshire • Renfrewshire • Dumfriesshire • Lanarkshire • Kirkcudbrightshire • Wigtownshire
Transport Scotland Roads
M77 • A76 • A77 • A78 • A737 • A738

Ayrshire is a large traditional county in the west of Scotland. Since 1996 it has been split into 3 Unitary authorities - East, North and South Ayrshire. Whilst they respect the counties border, they largely ignore the more traditional divisions, or bailieries, of the county, which are (From North to South) Cunninghame, Kyle and Carrick. North Ayrshire also includes the isles of Cumbrae and Arran, which are in traditional Buteshire.

Geography & Economy

The A719 coast road

Due to the size of the county, the majority of it is rural, however there is a dense urban area stretching along the coast and inland at the heart of the county which is loosely included in the 'Central Belt' urban area of Scotland. This stretches from Ardrossan in the north to Ayr in the south, and includes the large town of Kilmarnock. In contrast, much of the landward part of the county is hilly, climbing up to the Galloway Hills and Southern Uplands, so little used for farming or settlement. The northern area is part of the Clyde Muirshiel Regional Country Park, which offers a range of landscapes and activities on the edge of Glasgow, but the south and east are more remote and given over to Forestry and wind turbines.

The coastal strip has a variety of industries. Several of the towns grew as resorts for the Victorian day trippers from Glasgow, others are old ports and harbours, with ferries still crossing to Arran from Ardrossan. In the past Irish ferries have operated from Troon, although these are currently suspended. Tourism is still important in the county, with holiday parks, golf courses and the wilder landscapes inland offering a range of destinations for visitors. Many of the more traditional industries have gone, but there is still a wide economic base across the county.


Leaving the county on the A77

The M77 - A77 corridor is the most important route in the county, running from Glasgow in the north to the coast and on to the Irish ferries in Galloway. A good network of routes stretch through the glens and valleys inland, although they diminish as they climb into the hills. To the north, the A78 and A737 are both good qaulity routes offering alternative, if longer ways to Glasgow. The A76 is another good road which stretches south east to Dumfries, and so giving access to England.

Whilst many of the counties roads are high quality, fast routes, those which lead into the more rural areas can be lightly trafficked and so have seen little, if any upgrade in recent years. The A714 is one such route which, whilst enjoyable for the visitor, must be frustrating for the local. Most non-trunk roads within the traditional county are maintained by North Ayrshire Council, East Ayrshire Council & South Ayrshire Council. The trunk roads include the A76, A77, A78, A737, A738 and motorway, which are maintained by Transport Scotland.

Route From To Length
M77 Glasgow Fenwick, Ayrshire 18 miles View   
A70 Edinburgh Ayr 75.5 miles View
A71 Edinburgh Irvine 67.6 miles View
A76 Kilmarnock Maxwelltown 56.2 miles View
A77 Glasgow Portpatrick 91.7 miles View
A78 Greenock Monkton 40.60 miles View
A79 Monkton Doonholm 7.7 miles View
A713 Ayr Castle Douglas 49.2 miles View
A714 Girvan Braehead 38.0 miles View
A719 Laighmuir Turnberry 38.2 miles View
A733 Raithburn Whitletts, near Ayr 19 miles View
A734 Hurlford Riccarton 2 miles View
A735 Lugton Kilmarnock 12.0 miles View
A736 Braehead Irvine 24.1 miles View
A737 Glasgow Airport Shewalton, near Irvine 25.4 miles View
A738 Ardrossan Kilwinning 5.4 miles View
A739 Ardrossan Ardrossan Harbour 1.1 miles View
A758 Whitletts Mauchline 9.2 miles View
A759 Kilmarnock Troon 10.0 miles View
A760 Largs Auchengrange 13.2 miles View
A765 Ballantrae (N) Pinwherry 7.2 miles View
A778 Monkton Monktonhead 0.6 miles View   
B77 Smithston Roundabout Broomknowes 5.41 km View
B705 Mauchline Auchinleck 5.7 miles View
B706 Dunlop Beith 5.2 miles View
B707 Auchentiber Highfield, Dalry 4.2 miles View
B713 Catrine (SW) Sorn 2.6 miles View
B713 Monkton Mossblown 3.6 miles View
B714 Dalry Saltcoats 5.6 miles View
B714 Dalry Saltcoats 5.6 miles View
B728 High Road South Crescent Road 0.4 miles View
B730 Patna Dreghorn 21.0 miles View
B734 Girvan Ballantrae (N) 21.8 miles View
B739 Raith Prestwick 3.5 miles View
B739 Pinwherry Corseclays Farm 7.1 miles View
B739 Glencairn Street Townhead Street 0.6 miles View
B741 New Cumnock Girvan Mains 30.7 miles View
B742 Smithston, Maybole Sandyford 14.9 miles View
B743 Prestwick Strathaven 36.4 miles View
B744 Belston Galston 14.0 miles View
B744 Muirkirk Rutherglen 27.5 miles View
B746 Troon Loans 4.0 miles View
B746 Ayr Galston 15.1 miles View
B747 Whitletts Road John Street 0.5 miles View
B748 New Bridge Street Ayr Harbour 0.4 miles View
B749 Troon Harbour Monkton 4.0 miles View
B750 Dundonald Palmer Mount 0.7 miles View
B751 Bogend Fenwick 9.4 miles View
B752 Shore Road, Stevenston Ardeer Mains 1.0 mile View
B769 Crossmyloof, Glasgow Irvine 21.2 miles View
B775 Paisley Lugton 8.2 miles View
B777 Kilbirnie Lugton 7.6 miles View
B778 Kilwinning Fenwick 12.0 miles View
B779 Kilwinning Irvine 3.3 miles View
B780 Kilbirnie Stevenston 14.7 miles View
B781 West Kilbride Munnoch 4.3 miles View
B782 West Kilbride Millstonford 1.1 miles View
B783 Dalry Kilbirnie 3.8 miles View
B784 North Hourat Burnside Bridge, near Dalry 2.2 miles View
B785 Kilwinning Doura 2.7 miles View
B785 Largs Lochwinnoch 13.3 miles View
B7013 High Main Street Carsphairn Road 0.5 miles View
B7022 Vicarton Street Knockcushan Street 0.28 miles View
B7023 Pennyglen Crosshill(S) 5.9 miles View
B7024 Ayr Maybole 7.4 miles View
B7025 Irvine Road Main Street 0.6 miles View
B7027 Challoch Barrhill 15.2 miles View
B7034 Auchendrane Hollybush 4.1 miles View
B7035 Girvan Dailly 5.6 miles View
B7035 Highfield Auchincruive 0.6 miles View
B7036 Ochiltree Auchinleck 3.2 miles View
B7037 Galston Sorn 7.1 miles View
B7038 Fenwick Spittalhill 5.8 miles View
B7044 Ballantrae Knockdolian 3.5 miles View
B7045 Minishant Straiton 8.1 miles View
B7046 Drongan Cumnock 9.6 miles View
B7047 West Kilbride Chapelton 1.47 miles View
B7048 West Kilbride Portencross 2.0 miles View
B7049 Manrahead Knowehead 1.34 miles View
B7061 Stewarton Road Laigh Fenwick(S) 1.0 mile View
B7064 Moorfield Industrial Estate Western Road / Glasgow Road roundabout 3.4 miles View
B7072 Riccarton Bellfield 0.83 miles View
B7073 Kilmarnock Haining Mains 3.0 miles View
B7080 Eglinton Shewalton 5.1 miles View
B7081 Irvine Kilmarnock 6.9 miles View
B7082 Kilmarnock Grassyards Interchange 1.4 miles View
B7083 Netherthird Auchinleck 3.5 miles View    
C4 Saltcoats Dalry 5.6 miles View
C491 Ayr Street Elm Gardens View
C1-52 High Street Burns Street 0.3 miles View
U11 B706 Barmill Road Dirt Track 0.5 miles View
U19 C56 Fairlie Moor Road Baidland Farm 2 miles View
U20 U62 Windyedge Brodoclea Farm 3.6 miles View
U35 South Pillars Hunterston Roundabout 2 miles View
U60 A78 Highthorn House Number 11 before the dirt track 2 miles View
U62 C56 Fairlie Moor Road First Farm 1.4 miles View
U66 A737 Three Staines Roundabout A78 Meadowhead Roundabout 1.5 miles View
U88 A841 Sannox Carpark at End of Road 1.4 miles View
T28 Gretna Stirling View
T88 Dumfries Kilmarnock View
T91 Glasgow Monkton View


Primary Route
Non Primary Route
Former Motorway
Defunct Route
E Road
Future Motorway
Future Primary
Future Non Primary
Historical Route
Tourist Route
Roman Road
Unbuilt Motorway
Unbuilt Primary
Unbuilt Non Primary
National Cycle Network
Cycle Route
Eurovelo Cycle Route


Main Article: Junctions in Ayrshire

Bridges, Tunnels, and other Crossings

Main Article: Crossings in Ayrshire

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Ardrossan • Ayr • Cumnock • Girvan • Hunterston • Irvine • Kilmarnock • Largs • Seamill • West Kilbride
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