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C210 (Shetland)

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From:  Crossgerd (HU428260)
To:  Swinister (HU414251)
Distance:  5.5 miles (8.9 km)
Meets:  A970, A970
Highway Authorities

Shetland Islands

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
C210 Roads at Sandwick and Hoswick
This article is about the Class III road numbered C210 maintained by Shetland Islands Council.
For other roads numbered C210, see C210

The C210 comprises a tangle of roads around Sandwick and Hoswick on the south of Shetland's Mainland. Whilst it is difficult to describe the routes, and indeed some parts may be missing from the following description, we shall start at the north end.

Starting on the A970 near Crossgerd, the C210 follows the coast south past Setter to a fork, where the mainline continues ahead. A spur turns left, keeping close to the coast as far as Sand Lodge, where it cuts across the headland to reach Sandwick. Here it turns right, passes the church, and heads inland to cross the mainline at a staggered crossroads. The route then crosses itself again at the next crossroads to meet the A970 once more, the last section being the old line of the main road.

Back to the fork near Setter, and the mainline curves round to the south west, passing through the staggered crossroads noted above, and continues into Hoswick, narrowing to single track on the approach to the village. The precise end point is not clear. Just before the route narrows, it crosses Brakefield Road at yet another crossroads. The northern arm of this road is also part of the C210, which heads north, crossing the spur outlined above, to reach the A970. Again, the last little bit is the former line of the main road.

C210 (Shetland)
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