Bridge End Roundabout (Northumberland)

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Bridge End Roundabout
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North of Hexham
Highway Authority
Highways England
Junction Type
Roads Joined
A69, A6079
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This article is about Bridge End Roundabout in Northumberland.
For the roundabout of the same name in County Donegal, see Bridge End Roundabout (County Donegal)

Bridge End Roundabout is the junction of the A69 and the A6079 north of Hexham. The old alignment of the A6079 continues to the west of the roundabout, while modern traffic multiplexes with the A69.

Like several other roundabouts on the A69 through Northumberland, the carriageways are flared to allow a flyover to be built more easily.


Route To Notes




Carlisle, Halwhistle, Haydon Bridge, Acomb, Chollerford, Bellingham, Otterburn (A6079)


Hexham, Hospital (A&E)
Sandhoe, Oakwood, Anick Unsuitable for long vehicles
St John Lee

Bridge End Roundabout (Northumberland)
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