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Gallowflat Roundabout

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Farme Cross
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Highway Authority
South Lanarkshire
Junction Type
Roads Joined
A724, B768
Junctions related to the A724
Junctions related to the B768

Gallowflat Roundabout is a small signalised and prioritised roundabout junction in Rutherglen. Priority is given to traffic on the A724, with the B768 being the third arm of the junction. The A724 approaches from the north west on Cambuslang Road and departs to the south east, maintaining two lanes throughout. A small space is provided for traffic turning right onto the B768, with perhaps room for 3 or 4 cars, which can potentially block the outside lane of the A724 traffic. In the opposite direction, the A724 approaches with two lanes, marked for each exit. Traffic continuing on the A724 then gets two lanes at the next lights, before having to merge back into a single exit lane. Of course, the timing of the lights should mean that this very rarely causes a problem. Traffic turning right out of the B768 is also given a very small queing space on the roundabout.


Route To Notes


(M74), Dalmarnock, city centre, Bridgeton


Cambuslang, Hamilton



Gallowflat Roundabout
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