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Hamburger Junction

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Hamburger Junction
Location Map ( geo)
A typical hamburger - This is an view of the hamburger junction at the end of the M602, with the main flow of traffic passing through the centre of the roundabout.
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A hamburger junction is a style of roundabout where the main road passes through the centre of the roundabout. The name came about because from an aerial view, the roundabout looks like the bread, and the main road represents the "meat". As all the roads are at grade, the intersections are nearly always signal controlled.

Examples of this type of roundabout can be found at Bramcote Island (on the A52 in Nottingham), Junction 3 of the M602, and the A322 near Bracknell.

A variation of the Hamburger Junction is the "Banana" junction - this is where the road that normally passes straight through the roundabout bears sharply to the right, to cater for greater flows in that particular direction. One of these can be seen at the junction with the A52 and the B6003 to the west of the Bramcote hamburger mentioned above.

Cherry Lane Roundabout in West Drayton is a "Hot Cross Bun", with two roads cutting through the roundabout.

Hamburger Junction
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