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Single Point Urban interchange

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Single Point Urban Interchange
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A Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI) is a compact and relatively low-cost Grade Separated Junction where the minor road and major road are connected by sliproads, with signalisation junctions at the end of the slip roads onto the minor road.

This junction design is similar to a Diamond interchange, but has a significant advantage that concurrent right turns from the minor road to the major road are permitted, with traffic turning in front, rather than behind (as is the case with the diamond). This allows greater amounts of turning traffic throughput on the junction than with a diamond interchange, as the two turning flows are not required to cross oneanother.

There is currently only a single SPUI in the UK, at Divis Street in Belfast, although the design is used extensively in the United States as well as being found in other countries such as Germany.


Single Point Urban interchange
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