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Janets Corner

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Janets Corner
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Isle of Man
Highway Authority
Isle of Man
Junction Type
Roads Joined
A5, A12
Junctions related to the A5 (Isle of Man)
Advance Sign for the roundabout

Janets Corner is the traditional name for the junction to the north east of Castletown which was converted to a roundabout many years ago. There are four arms, with the A5 coming in from Douglas to the north east, and turning to the west, while the A12 heads south east to the shore. The fourth arm, Bowling Green Road, heads into the town centre. All four arms have single approach lanes, but the two southern approaches are squared up, creating a strangely shaped circulatory area, although as there is only a very small central island, there is only really one circulatory lane at the junction.

Historically, and before roads on the island were numbered, the junction was probably a T junction, with Victoria Road being added later. Certainly, Bowling Green Road becomes Douglas Road further into the town, suggesting that this is the original main road, rather than Bridge Street to the west.


Route To Notes


Town centre, Port Erin, Port St Mary


Douglas, Airport


Derbyhaven, Castletown Golf Links
R.C. Church

Janets Corner
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