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Isle of Man
Highway Authority
Isle of Man
Junction Type
2 roundabouts
Roads Joined
A1, A2, A5
Junctions related to the A1 (Isle of Man)
Junctions related to the A2 (Isle of Man)
Junctions related to the A5 (Isle of Man)
Junctions related to the TT Circuit

Quarterbridge carries the A1 over the River Glass in Douglas, between two mini roundabouts.

The Bridge

The bridge

The bridge itself is a very wide concrete slab attached to an older stone arch structure spanning the river. The history is complicated, with records showing that a bridge was washed away in a storm in 1727, and subsequently replaced with a two arch structure. In 1809 this was replaced with a single arch, which may be the bridge that still stands. In 1862 this bridge was widened on the upstream side, and since 1900 there have been a number of widenings on the downstream side, although it is not clear if these involved removal of older work, or simply constructing another concrete slab next to the existing ones. This has all resulted in the river being placed in a tunnel rather than simply bridged over, with four lanes of traffic, a central reservation, two wide pavements and a seating area to the side of the Quarterbridge Inn spanning the small river.


Approaching from the north on the A1

Either side of the bridge the A1 has to negotiate a mini roundabout. On the east side it meets the A2, and on the west side the A5. This is why there are 4 traffic lanes across the bridge, in order to separate turning traffic in advance of the roundabouts. The other approaches also have two lanes each on the approaches, with the exception of the southern arm of the A1, coming out from Douglas, which already has three lanes separating the turning lanes on the bridge in advance. This width and space also benefits the TT Circuit, which approaches on the A2 and crosses the river to head west on the A1.

A roundabout was first installed here in 1963, although it is not clear on which side, and the second was installed in 1987. More recently, further junction improvements have led to plans to demolish the Quarterbridge Hotel, which stands to the south west of the bridge, close against it. However, it still stands to date.


Route To Notes


Peel, Nobles Hospital, The West


Douglas, Town Centre


Onchan, Ramsey, The North


Castletown, Airport, The South

TT Circuit

Peel uses A1

TT Circuit

Onchan, Ramsey, The North uses A2

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