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T Junction

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T Junction
The A84 terminates on the A85 at a TOTSO T Junction in Lochearnhead
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A T-junction is perhaps the most basic, and indeed the most common, of all junctions – where one road meets another at a simple "give way" or "stop" line. Typically the side road at a T-junction meets the main road at or near a right angle. However, there is normally an obvious "straight-through" route, which gets priority. Busier junctions, especially in urban areas, are often signal-controlled these days, or are converted into mini roundabouts.

Due to the nature of the way that major (and indeed minor) through routes have been stitched together from pre-existing lanes in the past, there are many instances of T junctions where the main route turns the corner at the Junction. Normally, the road is lined and signed to give the main route priority, however this is not always the case, and these junctions are classified as TOTSOs in Sabre Terminology.

Fork junctions

Fork junctions (or Y-junctions) are essentially just a particular type of T-junction. Generally speaking, they are those junctions where a single traffic approach splits evenly between two exit routes. A good example is Twerton Fork, where the dualled A4, approaching from the west, splits – with the priority route being the A36 Lower Bristol Road while the A4 continues on the Upper Bristol Road.

Grade Separated Fork Junctions

Fork Junctions are also commonly found as Grade Separated Junctions, where one main route splits, with sliproads to the lesser onward route. Such forks can be genuine forks, or perhaps more commonly see the sliproads to the side road turn through up to 90 degrees, effectively a T Junction. A Grade Separated Fork Junction is almost always mono-directional, so there are no sliproads in between the forks, and traffic wishing to make such a movement is normally catered for at neighbouring junctions.

T Junction
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