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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Newport (SZ504881)
To:  Yarmouth (SZ363898)
Via:  Calbourne
Distance:  11.3 miles (18.2 km)
Meets:  A3020, B3341, B3323, B3399, A3054
Highway Authorities

Isle of Wight

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B3401 Newport - Carisbrooke
(B3323) Carisbrooke
B3401 Carisbrooke - Yarmouth
B3401 Branch to Shalcombe

The B3401 runs from Newport along the western half of the Isle of Wight. The road was originally unclassified but it seems to have gained its number in the 1950s.

The road starts on the A3020 on the southeast corner of Newport. It heads west along Shide Road, which soon has to TOTSO left, to reach a mini-roundabout. On the far side the road is one-way towards us; it becomes two-way, albeit traffic-calmed, at the next junction and continues through the suburbs. The B3341 comes in from the right then leaves us at a mini-roundabout immediately afterwards. We turn sharply right at the mini-roundabout to another on the B3323.

There's a multiplex west along the B3323 Carisbrooke High Street to another mini-roundabout where that road turns left and we continue ahead. This is the original eastern end of the B3401 - and indeed it would have been far more straightforward to follow the B3323 this far rather than our road, even though that goes through Newport town centre.

We climb to the west and run along the northern edge of a ridge. After a few miles of not much we skirt the northern edge of Calbourne then reach a road junction. A spur of the B3401 continues ahead to Shalcombe to meet the B3399 but the mainline of our road TOTSOs right. We follow a winding route, with several sharp corners and a TOTSO left, to pass through Newbridge, after which the road straightens out to go through the almost continuous linear settlements of Wellow, Thorley Street and Thorley. At a T-junction we TOTSO right and continue to end on the cliff top on the A3054 coast road.

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