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Blyth Bridge

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Blyth Bridge
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Blyth Bridge
Highway Authority
Scottish Borders
Junction Type
Triangle Junction
Roads Joined
A72, A701
Junctions related to the A701

The junction just south of Blyth Bridge is the northern end of the multiplex between the A72 and A701. The A72 comes in from the east and is at a considerably higher altitude than the through route below, forcing it to split with the two arms dropping down almost parallel to the road below. The main line at this split forms a near hairpin bend as the A72 curves round to the right to head south, with a TOTSO at the bottom where priority is given to the level through route at the bottom of the bank. This is formed from the southern arm of the A72 and the A701 which continues north into the village. Both arms of the junction meet at acute angles, with the gradient making visibility more difficult for turning traffic.

The A72 has always made this difficult turn at the junction, but the road to the north was originally numbered as the B705, but had been upgraded to become an extension of the A6094 by 1932, before being renumbered again in 1935 as the A701.


Route To Notes


Glasgow, Biggar, Skirling




Romannobridge, Edinburgh, (West Linton)

Blyth Bridge
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