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Kaimrig End

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Kaimrig End
Location Map ( geo)
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Kaimrig End
Highway Authority
Scottish Borders
Junction Type
Staggered Crossroads
Roads Joined
A72, A701
Junctions related to the A701
Approaching the junction on the A72 from the south.

Kaimrig End is the junction between the A72 and the A701 at the southern end of their multiplex. It is a fork junction, with the two routes coming in from the south (A701) and south west (A72) before continuing north east together. Despite this, the A72 has to TOTSO, as the A701 generally has the dominant flow these days.


Route To Notes


Blyth Bridge, Edinburgh (A701)


Skirling, Biggar, Carlisle (A702)


Broughton, Moffat

Kaimrig End
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A72 near Kaimrig End - Geograph - 6439218.jpg
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