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IMG 4239.PNG
10 metre concrete columns with Eleco GR100 lanterns. Bilston, Wolverhampton.
IMG 4550.JPG
Mount Pleasant, Bilston. Nice sunny day and good view down the road.
Bilston 2 Willenhall 3.jpg
Urbis ZX2s and curvy columns at dusk, on the way from Bilston to Willenhall, West Midlands. I think the previous lanterns were Thorn Alpha 1s but don't know for definite.
IMG 4553.PNG
Philips Traffic-Vision lighting with curvy old columns. Mount Pleasant, Bilston.
Black Country Route.jpg
Black Country Route
Black Country Route - Geograph - 2143769.jpg
Black Country Route
The view from Oxford Street Island in Bilston, Wolverhampton along the Route towards the M6.
Black Country Route, Bilston, Wolverhampton - Geograph - 1796060.jpg
A463 Black Country Route, Bilston, Wolverhampton
Just beyond this roundabout, the route bypasses the centre of Bilston as it makes its way eastward to the M6 and Walsall.

The Lunt.png
Original design for The Lunt Junction from the late 1980's
Black Country Route in Bilston,... (C) Roger Kidd - Geograph - 3549399.jpg
Black Country Route in Bilston,... (C) Roger Kidd
The dual carriageway A463 Looking east from the footbridge at the west bound traffic. The unsightly blue-green building on the right is the new Bert Williams Leisure Centre.
Black Country Route in Bilston,... (C) Roger Kidd - Geograph - 3549383.jpg
Black Country Route in Bilston,... (C) Roger Kidd
The A463 Looking east from the footbridge.
Vulcan Road Bridge - Geograph - 2140877.jpg
Vulcan Road Bridge The A463 Black Country Route passes over the U121 Lunt Road, Bilston.
A463 Black Country Route at Spring Vale, Wolverhampton - Geograph - 3964947.jpg
A463 Black Country Route at Spring Vale, Wolverhampton Looking north-east, from where the road crosses the canal and railway.
Tower of Light - Geograph - 2143640.jpg
Tower of Light The view of the sculpture by Eillis O'Connel on Vulcan Road Island, Bilston. The yellow fence marks the border of Bilston Football Ground and the Black Country Route.
Poundland Depot - Geograph - 3858346.jpg
Poundland Depot The view of the depot alongside the Black Country Route (A463) in Bilston, looking towards Spring Vale Island.
Redevelopment on the Black Country Route - Geograph - 1086483.jpg
Redevelopment on the Black Country Route This development has appeared over the last few months on a brown field site near Bilston.
BCSR 1994.png
Black Country Spine Road in 1994, showing the proposed and ultimately abandoned off-line section at Moxley. Also shows section of Black Country Route as proposed line at The Lunt.

Taken from OS Landranger sheet 139 (Birmingham and Wolverhampton), revision B2; published July 1994.

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Black Country Spine Road Original.jpg
Original design for the Black Country Spine Road based on plans from 1988. The whole route was proposed as a high quality dual carriageway allowing uninterrupted travel between M5 J1 and M6 J10. Unfortunately poor ground conditions dramatically increased the cost of the scheme from £50m to £245m which was the death knell for the GSJ's. Severe compromises were made to reduce the cost including online dualling of the existing road between Wednesbury and Moxley and replacing all the GSJ's with roundabouts.

The Lunt is an interesting design. I had assumed the existing junction would have been GSJ'd by utilising the flaring for a flyover. I had never envisaged anything more elaborate was planned, especially something fully freeflowing. The freeflowing nature is somewhat spoilt by the roundabout immediately to the west but everything west of there is at-grade anyway and was planned that way as soon as the earlier motorway scheme was cancelled.

Another interesting junction is the northern of the two roundabouts at Wednesbury. There is an underpass beneath the roundabout for traffic from the A461 to the local road serving the local businesses. This makes it a three level junction.

Although not part of the Spine Road, the junctions on the A454 immediately west of M6 J10 are shown differently on late 1980's plans to what was eventually built. Two westbound offslips in quick succession are shown with no eastbound equivalents - the B4464 catering for eastbound movements. The offslip nearest the M6 was built but the second one was replaced with a full access roundabout GSJ which is arguably much better as it takes traffic off the B4464 and other local roads.

Finally, I have altered the road numbering from what currently exists. A41 now continues northwards to The Lunt. A41 west of Moxley becomes a continuation of the A4038. A41 between Wednesbury and Moxley now downgraded in its entirety. Until I know otherwise, this is purely speculation on my part but makes perfect sense had the original route been built.
Oxford Street Island - Geograph - 2143562.jpg
Oxford Street Island The view across the roundabout were the Black Country Route crosses Oxford Street, Bilston.
Bilston Link Motorway.png
Early 1970s plan for Bilston Link Motorway
Bilston Link Motorway early proposal.png
1963 plan for Bilston Link Motorway
Wolverhampton Street Bridge - Geograph - 996705.jpg
B4162 Wolverhampton Street Bridge
Park Crossing - Geograph - 1009710.jpg
Park Crossing
Mount Pleasant - Geograph - 1478118.jpg
Mount Pleasant
Oxford Street Lights - Geograph - 4003794.jpg
Oxford Street Lights The view of the road junction in the Industrial Area of the A41 in Bilston.
Vulcan Road View - Geograph - 2159623.jpg
U121 Vulcan Road View
Evening peak traffic, Moseley Road, Portobello - Geograph - 3524179.jpg
Evening peak traffic, Moseley Road, Portobello At around half past five on a Wednesday afternoon, traffic queues along U99 Moseley Road from its junction with the A454 Willenhall Road.
IMG 6673.JPG October 2018 WRTL MRL6s Bilston.jpg
WRTL MRL6 and Urbis ZX2 lanterns between Bilston and Willenhall, from October 2018.
IMG 0306.JPG sugg sydney lanterns in bilston.jpg
10m steel columns with SUGG Sydney lanterns. These street lights have been there since the early to mid 2000s. This is in Bradley, Bliston.
IMG 0305.JPG windsor kirium pro & sugg sydney lanterns.jpg
10m steel columns with a Windsor Kirium Pro (LED) casual replacement and SUGG Sydney (SON/HPS) lanterns. Apart from the few new LEDs, most of these street lights on this road have been like this since the early to mid 2000s at least. This is in Bradley, Bliston.
IMG 0624.JPG sugg sydney close up.jpg
Close up of one of the SUGG Sydney lanterns in Bradley, Bilston.
Holyhead Road Bridge - Walsall Canal - Geograph - 906336.jpg
Holyhead Road Bridge - Walsall Canal
Moxley Junction Original.png
Original design for Moxley Junction roundabout with the Black Country Spine Road passing beneath
Darlaston Road Bridge - Walsall Canal - Geograph - 906335.jpg
Darlaston Road Bridge - Walsall Canal

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