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U99 (Wolverhampton)

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From:  Wednesfield (SJ950001)
To:  The Lunt (SO966971)
Distance:  2.7 miles (4.3 km)
Meets:  A454, A4124, B4484
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Route outline (key)
U99 Wednesfield – The Lunt
This article is about the Class III road numbered U99 by Wolverhampton City Council.
For other roads that are numbered U99, see U99
Neachells Lane, Wednesfield is part of the U99

Wolverhampton City Council's locally classified U99 forms a route across some of the eastern suburbs of the city, and as such is heavily used; indeed more so than the B4484 that follows a similar (though more circuitous) route.

The route starts in Wednesfield at the junction of A4124, B4484 and March End Road. It follows the latter westwards to the junction with Neachells Lane at which point it turns south, meeting A4124 once again at Neachells Lane Island. South of here, it passes through a busy industrial area before meeting A454 at a light-controlled junction.

The rest of the route passes through the residential areas of Stow Lawn along Moseley Road, crossing B4484, at a further light-controlled crossroads before heading along Darlaston Lane and terminating on the local authority boundary on the way to Darlaston Town Centre, where oddly it has an end-on connection with an unclassified road - the continuation of the road within Walsall Metropolitan Borough does not appear to be Class III.

U99 (Wolverhampton)
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