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Hillend Junction

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Kaimrig End
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Kaimrig End
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Junction Type
Double Fork
Roads Joined
A702, A703
Junctions related to the A703

The junction at Hillend is a difficult double fork built into the side of a hill. When heading south on the A702, the first left is a minor road which crosses to the A701 near Straiton, while the second is the busy A703, which also crosses to the A701, further south. Despite the very close proximity of these two side roads, as the A702 is climbing through the junction, all three routes quickly diverge vertically, with the minor road remaining almost level while the A703 climbs a little between them. The acute angles of the forks means that turning right into or left out of either junction is extremely challenging, but apparently not prohibited.

The junction saw some minor changes in the early 2010s. Prior to this, the southbound A702 widened to two lanes, the right hand one continuing up the hill while the left one fed into the A703, with provision for traffic turning into the minor road. This extra lane has since been removed (presumably it made the turn out of the minor road even more difficult), with pavements widened and a build out added between the two forks. Traffic continues to back up on all routes at peak times however.

There have been discussions about improvements to / replacement of this junction over the years, but nothing substantial has ever been done. Midlothian Council currently have a proposal to build a new road between the A701 and A702 to try and relieve traffic on both routes, and the A703, but it remains to be seen if this will progress. The steep gradients, and proximity to the Lothianburn Junction to the north makes any form of roundabout or traffic islands almost impossible to install, meaning that the only 'easy' fix would be the installation of traffic signals.


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Hillend Junction
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