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Joseph Mitchell

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Joseph Mitchell
Shin Bridge on the A837
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Born:   1803
Died:   26/11/1883
Operated:   Scotland

Joseph Mitchell was the son of John Mitchell, who was one of Thomas Telford's Chief assistants, roads inspector and surveyor on his commission for Highland roads and bridges. In 1820, Joseph started working on the Caledonian Canal, under an apprenticeship with Telford, and following his father's death in 1824 he took over his father's role.

He is widely regarded as being responsible for most of the old route of the A837 in Sutherland, including many of the bridges along the route, during his time as surveyor to the county. It is likely that other roads and bridges in the county were his work, but he also worked for other counties in the Highlands and further afield.

He also engineered a number of railway routes including large parts of the Highland Railway network, and is perhaps better remembered now as a railway engineer.

List of Crossings

Crossing On Road Opening Date
Achany Bridge B864
Clashnessie Bridge B869
Calvine Double Bridge B847
Cassley Bridge A837
Fiag Bridge A836
Forsinain Bridge A897
Invernauld Bridge A837
Shin Bridge A837
Torgoyle Bridge A887
Torrish Bridge A897

Joseph Mitchell
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